Wednesday, January 9, 2008

You Will Now Be Redirected . . .

I posted for BamBam . . . but its now out of order . . . I may be one hot accountant, but I am a techno idiot.

So for the post on my top 5 automated messages . . . go here.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Matt said...


Fellow Seattle blogger here. Wondering if you'd be interested in attending a blogger home game in the area, including such prestigious bloggers as RaisingCayne, meanhappyguy, and perhaps even Seattle John (and hopefully the Doc once he returns). Please comment or send me an email at ralphwiggum4pres at yahoo dot com.


RaisingCayne said...

Right on! Glad to hear Matt got you 'in the loop' regarding the plans for a local home game with some of the NW blogger brethren. I've volunteered to host at my place here in Federal Way, so hopefully we can work it out to have you join us! (I live on Lake Easter, right off of Pac Hwy and 308th, so location can't be an excuse to miss it!)

Hit me up anytime... my e-mail is: caynebowman at yahoo dot com. I'll look forward to meeting you soon. (And proving that I'm "Au Pair Worthy.")

In fact, our local PJ Pocket's casino has a donkarama pushfest tourney Sunday mornings at 11:00 that can be entertaining. Just in case you'd consider it. ($45 buyin... bit of a turbo structure, but it's entertaining, and they have cheap breakfast and football on TV.)

I'm sure we'll be in touch soon...

Oh, and ... GO SEAHAWKS! (Sorry your Pack has to face us Saturday.)

RaisingCayne said...

Oh, and just my two cents regarding your other recent post... I never stop for the stranded that hold a gas can! Now a dead battery, flat tire, or engine trouble or something is another story, and I'm happy to play good sumeritan in those circumstances. That stuff could happen to me, and helping out where I'm able provides me with peace of mind. But anyone that runs out of gas in their car is a freaking tool! (In my opinion.) And they need to learn from their errors, which a long walk might help with!