Friday, January 4, 2008

No Straight Jacket Yet . . .

I took Betty's advice and slept. Got about 6 hours straight. When I went to fall asleep, I thought I would have trouble - then I got those massive sleep twitches that jerk you awake before you're even aware you've fallen asleep. They would impress even my husband, the king of the sleep twitch.

The dreams were harsh. But the rest was needed.

Today, I'm left with two kids who are being amazingly helpful. Son #1 fed Son #2 breakfast so I could take him to preschool. Last night, Son #1 gave the au pair her juice in his prized light-up Rainforest Cafe cup. They have empathy.

But I'm left with one "kid" who's still shaken up. Still doesn't understand. Wants a mother, not an employer. Needs more of me than I think I have time or energy to give. Thinks she's dying. Doesn't seem to trust me when I say she's going to hurt like hell for a few days but then will get better.

And I'm left with one more thing on my ever-growing "To Do" list - buy a new car. Estimate to repair is more than I paid - can't imagine the insurance company is going to do anything but total it.

So instead of shopping for shoes or clothes or jewelry (which my husband knows I'm too frugal to buy anyway), I'll be haggling with used car dealers all weekend.

Oh well - at least I can be a bitch and be justified.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BamBam said...

OK..... finally something I can really help with ! wOOt me !

1) Drop the hammer and get Cayne in touch with the "kid."
Instant baby sitting and who knows... distraction at the very least.

2) Being a bitch to a used car salesman might not go as good as planned. (me thinks)
Hit them where they live... the wallet. You are never, ever, EVER only buying a car. You are always, I repeat ALWAYS looking for some vehicles.

My personal fave is the "I just came into a bit of "bonus cash" and want to surprise the wife, husband, daughter, son..whatever!
It's not enough to buy say 3 new cars, but if I could just find 3 or 4 used vehicles in great shape that would make everyone happy, oh how happy I'd be too!"

(typically followed up with a tee-hee)

You are buying a car = you are in the big blind with pocket aces, have just slow played them and an ace hit on the rainbow flop. There was a raise and a re-raise from your 2 limpers.

Mwuuuu-ha-ha.... world domination!

RaisingCayne said...

BamBam has a GREAT idea... SHE CAN CALL ME DADDY!

Kidding!!! Again, I kid, I swear I'm really not the schmuck I'm probably making myself out to be.

Good luck with your weekend 'to do' list!

CC said...

You may want to steal a car instead (you could have the nanny do it if you like...)