Friday, January 18, 2008

Read These People . . . Not Me . . . Still Too Busy

No poker content. I don't own a new car yet. You don't want to hear about my work and how stressful it is. So here are a few others to keep you entertained.

B.W.O.P. is the cutest little Asian Jew this non-Asian Jew knows. Thanks for the nod in your post. Her Awards post is definitely worth the read. Thanks for calling me out on my Otis fantasy again. Just in case his wife didn't read it the FIRST time.

Always read Betty when you need a good girl read. She's got awesome photos too. One of these days I may blow some money on a camera if I can get convinced I could shoot what she shoots. She's also got a secret smut post . . . worth a good read when you are by yourself. Well, maybe you and your Rabbit (right Kat?).

Read my husband. Leave comments. The poor guy is still stuck in a desert. Granted, as busy and hectic as I am, I sometimes wish I was stuck in a desert without all of this stuff around me. But when I talk to him, he'd trade me in a heartbeat. Keep him in your thoughts until he's home.

Read CC. I never know if I'm going to see naked women on couches or an analysis of the recession on his blog from day to day. At least I am always surprised.

Keep relaying poker stories . . . I don't have time to play. Although I may join Cayne in his home game in a few weeks . . . might be a good break.

I'll post when I have a new car.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BWoP said...

You are too kind!

Best of luck with the car shopping.

CC said...

Thanks for the shoutout, and hope you're having a lovely weekend