Friday, January 25, 2008

You Show Me Yours . . . I'll Show You MINE

Ok, I'll go first.

1. Just drove it off the showroom floor.

2. At the Chako house.

3. Where I get to sit my fantastic ass.

4. More at the Chako house.

5. The only Chako allowed to drive my new pet - ME!

Respectfully (and gleefully) submitted,
The Wife


BamBam said...

"The Wife,"
Queen of the saucy titles !


But you are the first girl who's used that line on me and actually gone first !

That's good for bonus points.

DrChako said...

Will I get to sit my ass in that seat some day? It's not as sexy as yours...


-The Husband

The Wife said...

Like they say . . . "there are passengers, and there are drivers . . ."

Right now, baby, until he starts to bore me, you're going to be a passenger.


BWoP said...


I think you chose well!

Betty said...

Man that is one sexy car! I think I might like to lie down all over that back seat!

Fuel55 said...

Gotta outdo the Wife:

Anonymous said...


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CC said...

I guess you'll be meeting alot of law enforcement officers now (most popular color car to pull over: red)