Wednesday, January 2, 2008

No Words

Professional relationships often morph into personal relationships of one form or another. I'm a caring manager, I think, and a woman, and a mom . . . I have more than my share of people who come to me in their time of personal crises, looking for someone who genuinely cares.

I have been a sounding board for a colleague. Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. An unexpected life commitment. The uncertainty. The fear. The obligation. There were only two choices in their mind . . . termination or marriage. Termination was unacceptable. They faced their inevitable choice, even though it wasn't the preferred choice of either party, because they thought it was the right and honorable thing to do.

This morning, I learned that nature made a different decision for them. Maybe, someday, they will come to see this as a blessing. Tomorrow, they will face difficult decisions about their relationship, their future. Today, however, they just suffer a loss.

And I have no words for them.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BamBam said...

The flow of nature itself has a strange, bizarre and wonderful way of working itself out. An awakening momment can be a powerful thing.

You can only hope they manage to work out the best resolution for each of them going forward.

The Sister said...

Not taking the problem on as your own doesn't make you a bad manager. You are a kind woman who feels for those who work for you and that is awesome. It's also going to have to simply be good enough.