Monday, January 7, 2008

A Window Opens . . .

Like that first day in a northern spring when its warm enough to open the windows to let a little fresh air in, today I got a small whiff of something better on the horizon.

Maybe it was spending 30 minutes with the au pair watching "The Wedding Date", seeing Dermot Mulroney (HOT!) almost kiss Debra Messing, and having her smile for the first time in a week or two. Maybe it was a call from a friend or two. Maybe it was that the rental car I'm driving only costs $70 for the week, while the other car is in limbo. Maybe it's that the au pair not only got comfortable driving the minivan, but actually seems to prefer it. Or that my youngest son today was happy and cooperative and wanted to learn Portuguese. Maybe it's that, like my friend, I slipped easily into clothing I haven't worn in years and have to say, I look pretty darn good in it. Maybe it was a small glimpse of Mt. Rainier and sunshine this morning, before the clouds took over. Maybe it's talking with my in-laws and realizing I married into a pretty good family.

Work is a bitch, but that is to be expected in my chosen field right now. At least it's predictable, unlike what my husband is dealing with.

I guess I'm saying we're all alive, healthy, fed, clothed and sheltered . . . with a whole lot more.

Maybe I can find my way to that open window today, and breathe in the fresh air.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Betty said...

Portuguese? I am still mastering English! Impressive young man!

Keep that view and that smell in your minds eye and I hope it follows you with the day!

Anonymous said...

Hearing someone say something positive is a breath of fresh air in itself.


Instant Tragedy said...

Keep smiling, laughing and loving.

Hug your son, for his wisdom is only bounded by the limits you give him.

Thank the Au Pair, for a smile is infectious.

and Pray for your hubby.

Just cause.

Love, Luck and Lollipops!


BamBam said...

That's my brudder !

Ain't he sweeeeeeet !

It runs in the family of "person."

BamBam said...

Carson I mean...

Not that I would mind calling I/T my brother either. As a matter of fact, since it's all lovey-dovey today, I'd gladly call Sean a brudder.

BamBam said...

Sorry Wife....

Creative juices were flowing and that means tag.....

U are IT !

Don't let me down.