Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Suck and Resuck . . .

Work has kept me busy, so I haven't had the chance to play poker - free time is family time, etc.

Tonight I got back to it and played a few SNGs. I'm in one of those Beta HellKats on PP - 15 minutes of play, he (or she) who has the most chips wins.

I wait out the stupids, play decently, slow play a couple good ones, and am up to second place. We get heads up and the chip leader has arrived in his current station through some BIG suckouts.

However, we're down to the last two minutes - heads up, at this point, anything plays.

I am dealt A10 in the BB - my opponent raises 5x. Now A10 isn't awesome, but heads up (and given how loose he was playing), I decide to test him. His raise still leaves him in the chip lead - so I re-raise enough so that if he commits and loses, he loses his lead.

He goes over the top again - and this time I call, all-in (I'm pot committed with only 1 minute 30 seconds and 2 BB left).

He turns over K8 unsuited - I'm in the lead, but two live cards in his favor.

Flop comes KKA, giving him 3 kings and me a pair . . . turn is 9 . . . river an A. My full house beats your full house . . . I take the lead, and never give it up.

His comment? "Unreal."

I agree. Unreal that he raised 5x with K8 unsuited when its that close to the end of the tourney - and two decent cards are going to call at that point - you can't check-call your way to a win at this point if you're the short stack. You can, however, if you are the leader.

Unreal that after I re-raised, and put his lead in danger, he decided to go over the top with his crap. You have to know I'm going to call if I can barely make two more blinds.

Unreal that he didn't respect a re-raise from me - the QUEEN of conservative plays.

I typed in "Hmmm. My crap beats your crap."

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

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