Monday, October 8, 2007

Snippets of Life

Just a few observances from my life:
  • I've come to accept the fact that I'll never be a supermodel. And a good portion of my wardrobe will never be considered "trendy", "fashionable", "cool", or any other word that might come out of the mouths of your average fashion maven. I'm a CPA, after all. However, today I wore a new blouse (clearance, baby, less than $20) - silky sheer black with big white polka dots - with a little black belt and black skirt, black heels. I got so many compliments at work today (most from women over 40) - I may not be supermodel hot, but I know how to do "office" pretty darn good!
  • That being said, today I got some clothes from a dear friend (I love when other people clean out their closets) that didn't fit her anymore. I tried on one of the shirts - a sleeveless low cut thing in black. Not only could I not believe she ever wore this thing, but I couldn't believe what it did for my figure (namely the chest) - I looked like I was about to go for a job as a bartender at Hooters! I left it on as I ran downstairs to get something - and my 10-year old son pronounces "Mom, you look hot!" I beamed. Between this thing and those damn panties, I think I have a show planned for the Dr.'s return.
  • I rushed home from work early to watch my 4-year old son's soccer game. The 3-4 year old pee wee league at the Y. Its crazy. Its like herding autistic cats. Between kicking it in the wrong goal, spinning in circles while the other team runs past you on their way to another goal (yes, that was my son), and the general strategy of "just run in the direction of the other children, but try to stay away from that black and white thing," it was alternately hysterical, maddening, and embarrassing. At least my kid didn't have to have a pacifier after the game like some kid's 5 year old sister. And he's one of the most pleasant kids out there.
  • I got to talk to my husband. He's been able to call pretty regularly, although the phone service randomly cuts out now and then. He called back - claims someone told him the phone outages are due to solar flares. Huh? Whatever. Great to talk to you baby.
  • One of our best managers at work is leaving. As a senior manager, you quickly learn that your quality of work life improves in direct proportion to the talent of the managers below you. He was one of those guys who's apparent primary goal was to try to do everything so that I didn't have to. And he usually succeeded. I'm still reeling from that blow. He worked on the two largest of my four accounts with me. Ouch.
  • I have to plan a birthday party for the 4-year old (5 this week!). I'm voting chicken nuggets, french fries, cupcakes, and lots of games that involve running and yelling. What do you think?
  • That Brasilian Indy driver on Dancing with the Stars is awesome. He looks like a dancer when he's dancing. My Brasilian au pair expects him to win. I have to admit that in some of my fantasies, I am a ROCKIN' AWESOME Latin dancer - with awesome costumes like the girls wear on the show. That's sandwiched in there between the fantasy where I'm asked to stunt double in all the John Cusack/Edward Norton film love scenes, and the fantasy where the Dr. brings Hugh Jackman home and says "I brought Hugh home to entertain you - I've got to get all the laundry done, bills paid, and I'm thinking of dusting all the baseboards, too. That ok, Babe?"
  • Thought about the young soldiers over there with the good Dr. The ones who have to go into the communities to rout out the bad guys and risk getting shot or blown to bits. They've got it rougher than the Dr. in his dark room, waiting for the next scan of some unknown abdominal pain. I hope they have someone to call every day who sends them e-mails and care packages.

Night all - keep the Doc in your thoughts and prayers.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I believe we have our first admission that "The Wife" may be MILFtastic!

You lucky man Doc!

As for "just run in the direction of the other children, but try to stay away from that black and white thing," that is a common theme among youth soccer. Thus the need for shin guards, especially for refs of those games. I used to ref those games and before I learned better, my shins were black and blue (It only took one game for me to get front and back shin guards). It's so cool that you are able to enjoy just watching the kids, rather than being like some of the parents who are trying to make each kid the next Tiger Woods or Landon Donovan.

As for everything else, I am glad that you got to talk to the Doc...

Cause those Hugh , Cusack and other male influenced posts were starting to churn my stomach.

All my best

DrChako said...

You are MY supermodel. I've always thought you are hot, but I guess after hearing it all the time, anyone might start thinking it was just lip service (and possibly just a way to get into your panties). Still, I'm glad you were able to enjoy the feeling - you deserve it (and you look the part). I'm expecting a little show in about 5 1/2 months.

Don't be embarrassed by our 4 year old. I guarantee you he is far more coordinated than I was at that age, and I think I turned out okay.

Unless things have changed, it's Brazilian (with a "z").

Finally, let's leave Hugh out of the bedroom until l'm home for at least a week, okay?

The Wife said...

Note to the Dr.:

I'm now living with a Brasiliana . . . if you ask her, its with an "s". Just being respectful of her country.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

She's in the U S of A now. Time to learn ENGLISH!

The fans of "The Wife" want a new blog.

We demand MORE! :-)