Friday, October 12, 2007

Embrace Your Inner Geek

Yes, its time people. Own up to it.

In my previous post, I did admit to having read Roberts Rules of Order cover to cover. Not for fun, mind you - I had a competitive purpose. However, I also admitted that it clearly was an indicator of the geek factor in me.

You all have it too - Sean? I didn't score nearly as high as you on the Nerd test. And Cayne, you skipped 3rd grade - there has to be a geek inside of you. And I know DrChako is out leading the pack - I know lots of geek secrets about him.

Hell, any of you poker bloggers are too, for that matter - anyone who speaks a completely foreign language (SNG, UTG, Mookie, Dookie . . .) and can calculate EV, pot-odds and M in the time it takes the action to get around to you - you're just a few wrinkles and wild-ass hairs away from Mike Caro!

So yes, I read Roberts Rules of Order cover to cover. I went to a national competition for accounting because I placed first in my state. Other kids went to summer camp in the woods - I went to Business World, a camp for young business wannabes. Other girls played with dolls - I read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and discussed its religious symbolism with my mother.

So don't muffle your laughter. Embrace your inner geek. Laugh WITH me. All the way to the bank, baby. Last time I checked, the world's biggest geek lives less than 50 miles from me in a compound so big and so secured, I can only read about it, while his little "garage-based" startup now sprawls across the entire east side of Seattle. Meanwhile, his Microsoft stock is adding a few more "S"'s to his BILLIONS!

I'm married to a geek. I love geeks. I am a geek - are you?

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

So you discussed Aslan as a Christ figure.

Deep man... Deep.

Yup, I'm a geek, but how high did you score? Post so we can laugh ,or hide in my case, from the magic #!

Keep into love and out of trouble.

All my best,


The Wife said...

Yes, I discussed Aslan as a Christ figure, and the whole destruction thing as the resurrection . . . but I was 10 or something ridiculous like that.

I should have been playing with Barbie. Except that my mother thought Barbie had inappropriate proportions for a 10-year old.