Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Hate Omaha

Not the town. Ate steaks there and stayed in a nice hotel with the Dr.

I mean the game. I have renamed it "Screw You on the River." Let me preface by saying that I actually won first place in my play money game that earned the rename. But it was one of those games where I would have something like As-5h-3h-2s . . . double suited, low draws, straight draws . . . and the flop would come 5s-5c-3s. So now I got a full house and the nut low draw. I'm raising and betting with two fists. And then the turn comes 9d. This does not make me nervous . . . I'm still raising and betting. Then the river comes 9s. Moron beside me bets out, so I just call - regardless of how strong my hand is, I hate when the board pairs again.

He was holding 9h-9c-3d-Ks. No flush draw. No low draw. But I guess if you just know your quads are going to hit, you can say in with your pair of 3s and ignore everyone else's raises.

I hung on after crappy blows like that. And then it got down to heads up against a guy who was pretty decent . . . and the river decided to screw him a few times too. At the end, he got a little reckless with raises in an effort to get his money back and I won. But after a very long game, even with the win, I was a little pissy.

Or maybe it was just that I spent my whole day cleaning, doing odd jobs around the house, getting a new battery for the au pair's car, and looking after my children and their friends. Its enough to make anyone a little pissy.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


The Sister said...

Of all those things the one that would have made me the most pissy would have been the battery on the au pair's car. WTF?? You just bought that car! Grrr....I have nothing but venom for car dealers.

DrChako said...

If you are getting pissy after a win, you need to find another hobby.

-The Husband

The Wife said...

Point taken, my dear. But its the principle of the thing . . .

The Wife