Saturday, October 27, 2007

Issue Me a New Best Friend

Yesterday, I got some great news at work. Really great - the kind you work a whole career for. The kind you immediately call your best friend about.

Except mine is half a world away without a phone next to his bed.

Stupid war.

They should issue me a new best friend when they deploy my old one.

The Wife


The Sister said...

They should issue me a Target, a Maccaroni Grill and my dog.

AmyC said...

Physically, your best friend may be worlds away, but my money says that emotionally he is still right by your side. I bet you were even able to imagine the grin he had on his face when he eventually got the news. Congrats on your new career milestone - may you have many more.

DrChako said...

So, it took an extra 12 hours for us to finally connect. It was worth the wait.

Congratulations, honey! I am so proud of you. It's all coming together, isn't it?

-The Husband

PS. You may NOT buy a Ferrari before I do.