Tuesday, October 2, 2007

True Love, TV Style?

Who watches The Bachelor? I happened upon the end of it the other evening. It was the "rose ceremony, apparently a traditional part of the show where the Bachelor, Brad Womack, chooses which women he will continue dating in his quest for that special someone. If you don't get a rose, you're going home.

So after he hands out roses, the losers pack up and head out. But not before being interviewed. I happened to see the tearful interview of one contestant as she lamented . . . "I came out here to find true love . . . I didn't expect to be out here on the sidewalk."

Let me get this straight . . . you came to The Bachelor hoping to find true love? You're thinking that being placed in an artificial society where there is only one man (not selected by you) that you are competing for attention with 24 other women is where you are going to find true love? You think that by spending time with a man who doesn't have a real job, for the time being, where you don't have any pressures of real life (like your own job?) is the perfect way to find true love?

How about trying to balance college, a full time job, and a brand new boyfriend who's trying to get through medical school? How about trying to arrange a date that is not financed by the network, but rather on two student budgets, that you fit in around all of your other commitments rather than at pre-scheduled intervals dictated by prime time?

True love is not a competition about who impresses him over dinner for with 25 women - true love is taking him to a dinner party with your immediate family, 17 of 21 cousins, 12 aunts and uncles, and an assortment of other relatives and non-relatives, all of whom are trying to determine if he's even worthy of loving you and having him still decide he does. True love isn't a series of pool parties, fashion shows, and exotic entertainment . . . true love is dates which consist of studying for your respective tests, a quick stop at Taco Bell, or 24 hour roadtrips to family and friends, because you can't afford real vacations. True love isn't a ride in the network limousine . . . true love is putting 67,000 miles on your Saturn in three years so you can spend every weekend together when you live 300 miles apart.

True love not trying to start a relationship amidst 24 other catty women; true love is trying to maintain a relationship halfway around the world with an ocean and a war between you.

True love doesn't make good TV . . . but I'll challenge any Bachelor and his final choice to try to to last half of my 15 years with the good Dr.

Wish him home safely . . .

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Student of Life said...

Oh, those women infuriate me! They make me want to throw things at the televion. I doubt a single one of them could claim that they've ever known true love, or that they even care to achieve it. Money-grubbing, fame-seekers...the whole lot of them!

Congratulations on your 15 years, and good luck on the next 15!

DrChako said...


I thought this was another "cute-guy-who-ain't-my-husband" post.

It's not.

I love you, and I'd do it all again.

-The Husband

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

But some people have had such negative experiences that they will look toward anything to find happiness

*** cough cough ***

Excuse me.

Congrats on 15 years and keep the Dr. in his place, just not where he is now!

peacecorn said...

Great post, Mrs. Chako. Keep 'em coming!

Hunter Silvastorm said...

You go girl! Your commentary on "The Bachelor" was right on. There are times when I step out of my mushroom cave in order to have a little conversation with my Dear Judy. As a result, I will sit with her in front of the TV, waiting for a commercial. Inevitably, there have been times when I've been subjected to several minutes of "The Bachelor." Echoing your own sentiments, I have never seen a reality show that was as contrived, as ridiculous, or as demeaning as The Bachelor. Plastic women doing a piss-poor job of trying to follow a script written by junior high school girls. What made your blog such a standout, was the amazing contrast between the meat-and-potatoes love affair experienced between you and Dr. Chako, compared with two dozen immature women worrying about whether or not they will be rejected because their bikini doesn't cover an old appendix scar.

Hunter Silvastorm