Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tagged for the 10 . . .

This tagging business (thanks, Sean) seems to be pretty popular. I've not yet done my 101 things about me like my husband and others, so this will be your first insight into . . .

10 Things You Don't Know About Me
  1. I was valedictorian in high school and graduated summa cum laude from college - but I almost failed typing class. A kick-ass final grade and a lot of extra credit got me a "B" and ruined my 4.0 average.

  2. I'm a dairy farmer's daughter. Which means I know weird things like how to milk a cow (by hand, and with a machine), help deliver a calf in the breech position, what signals a cow sends when its ready to breed, and how to bale hay.

  3. I'm a terrible athlete and pretty girly, but the few physical feats I have excelled at before are pretty non-traditional and relatively manly. In college I was dared to visit the rifle range ("girls can't shoot") and found out I was an excellent markswoman with a rifle. I also took military science instead of regular PE and found out I was pretty darn good at rappelling, too. I was down the tower as quick as the ROTC guys and was the only woman (and only one of 3 in our group) to try and succeed at rappelling "Australian" off the tower - which is jumping face first.

  4. I could (and have) eat red licorice until it makes me sick.

  5. I love wearing formal dresses and attending black tie events. I always feel glamorous and think men look great in tuxedos.
  6. I like black tie events even better when my husband is with me in his Army dress blues or mess dress. He captures every one's attention - and I'm with him!

  7. I am not a morning person (right love?) and am in love with my snooze button. I can add 9 minutes to any time, adjust my estimated time to get ready, and re-estimate my departure time in under 10 seconds and fall fast asleep for the remaining 8 minutes and 50 seconds better than anyone, I'll bet.

  8. My favorite European city is Barcelona - the city was beautiful, the art impressive (Gaudi and Picasso - marvelous), and I never met a dish of paella or pitcher of sangria I didn't like.

  9. I sing in my sleep. Not just songs - sometimes the dialogue of my dreams, too. In a really creepy, high-pitched sing-songy voice. Although I more frequently have heard the complaints from roommates or my husband, I've actually awakened myself with the sound. Its disturbing.

  10. I once read Roberts Rules of Order (Eight Edition) cover to cover. I was a member of the Parliamentary Procedure team for our local high school chapter of Future Business Leaders of America and took second place in the national Parliamentary Procedure team competition.

I realize certain of these items qualify me for complete geek-dom (I didn't play and D&D, so I'm not fully qualified), but I've come to accept that.

Someday when I have time, I'll post the remaining 91 things about me you don't know.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Roberts Rules of Order cover to cover.

(Covering mouth to stop the laughing)

NOOooooo You are not a geek at all (muffled laughter)

As for singing... Anything from the Pirates of Penzance?

Still muffling laughter for my friend,


RaisingCayne said...

I'm not even muffling the laughter... I'm chuckling loud! Robert's rules of order!? Singing in your sleep!? Wow. :-)