Monday, October 1, 2007

Go Cheeseheads!

I'm a Packer fan from way back (no cable TV growing up in Wisconsin on a farm, only network television, and a traditional father who commandeered the television every Sunday). I remember Bart Starr (coaching, not playing), Lynn Dickey, "Magic" Don Majkowski, Forrest Gregg, . . . even the brief stint Doug Flutie had as a backup quarterback ( I used to think he was adorable). Every family Thanksgiving was spent watching the special Thursday game with the Packers and someone else from the old "Central" group, before they split it up and made them the "North." But then, being a native Wisconsinite, it would be heresy to NOT like the Packers. Even now out here in Seattle, I have a special fondness for the Seahawks solely because of Coach Holmgren.

I missed Sunday's game, but I read the post-game summary . . . all I can say is . . . 4 and 0!!! And Bret Favre? Say no more, say no more.

In the immortal words of Crush, the Sea Turtle . . . "You so totally rock, . . . DUDE!"

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

Editors Postscript: A few points of clarification for my dear husband. (1) I believe the comment "say no more, say no more" was self-explanatory - I did not need to EXPLAIN the major-awesomeness of Favre passing Marino's TD record. I didn't see it, but apparently even Marino has already recognized him for that. (2) I do not find Bret Favre attractive in any greater sense of the word than any normally attractive person. If I am not allowed to name star athletes, most of whom happen to be male, in my few but passionate posts about professional sports (or other males, for that matter, in the course of my blogging) for fear of you assuming I harbor some unrequited feelings for them, this will be a very boring post. (3) If you were referring to Doug Flutie, I was a teenager, every teenage girl found him cute, and I did not know you then. You cannot hold him against me. If it is any consolation, you are taller than him. (4) I will distinguish all males that I find "HOT" by labeling them as such on future posts, so as not to confuse you regarding other named males in my posts who are not you (whether or not they are more attractive than you) that are being mentioned for reasons OTHER than I find them HOT.


DrChako said...

I thought for sure you'd also mention Farve passing Marino's record for most touchdown passes. Well, just like him, you are more focused on the win-loss record, and not the individual accomplishment.

Oh yeah - don't think I didn't notice you mentioned yet another cute guy that isn't me.

-The Husband

DrChako said...

You are so totally a CPA. Thanks for the clarification.

Drizztdj said...

A Packer Fan?!?!!?

I stopped reading after this.

Pat Williams should have smushed little Farveys head.


The Wife said...

Let's see . . . Superbowl I? Superbowl II? And Favre is sporting that ring from XXXI, I believe . . . not to mention a follow up visit the next year . . .

What's Pat Williams got? A purple uniform? Do real men wear purple uniforms?


The WIfe

Drizztdj said...

Real men bleed purple.

I sense a prop bet when the Vikes visit Lambeau...

... right before Farve's vicodin prescription run out and he goes back to throwing 5 INTs a game.


(great writing by the way)

The Wife said...

If so, dear Drizz, I expect we'll find out when the Packers lay waste to your purple-suited pansies in Lambeau. November 11. Which, coincidentally, is Veterans Day - as the wife of a solider, you know my team has the automatic advantage. :)

May the best woman win!

PS: Prop bets will be taken only if they conform to The Wife's loss tolerance (I am an accountant, after all) . . . in kind payment will be considered.