Sunday, October 14, 2007

40 is the new 20

In college, one of the non-traditional students (he was 47) in my theater class freaked me out. I was 19 - he sent me 3 dozen roses. I could not have been more horrified. They were beautiful. But he was . . . OLD. It creeped me out.

Once I turned 30, I found myself commenting more and more on the attractiveness about men who were older. One day I found myself commenting on a specific person I knew and it hit me. He was 47.

Last night, I had this semi-erotic dream. I was single. I was on a vacation, cruise, something like that. Four different men were competing for my attention (hey, its my dream - it could happen). During the course of this "vacation" I managed to rule out two of the men - one because he was a complete idiot, and one because he was . . . 20. Too young. I really struggled between the other two men and was in the middle of some great "convincing" when my 5-year old busted in and said "is it time for the birthday party?" After I threw him out, I tried to recapture the gut-wrenching decision when it hit me - I was trying to recreate an erotic dream about two different strangers - both OVER 40.

Baby, looks like you didn't get older - you just moved into my latest category of "hot"!

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


The Sister said...

When I was 19 years old, I was about to go into the military and I met a guy. It was almost instant attraction. I knew he was older than 19, but I really thought he was maybe 25, 26. Turns out he was 33. A world older than 19 for sure, and I hesistated for a second. But only for a second. He was HOT. The Graduate in reverse. Good times.

DrChako said... the middle of some great "convincing"

Just the image I needed. Thaaaanks.

I've got some convincing for you. It will just have to wait a few months.

-The Husband

The Wife said...

I love when you talk bad . . . convince me, baby!

The Wife

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Uh you two... get a room.


Hunter said...

As to your erotic dream...

I was going to post my own comment, but first decided to read the comments that were already posted. After reading them, I came away flabbergasted at the realization that ALL the commentators were so willing to display their dirty laundry in a public forum! For me to comment, would be like intruding into an intimate conversation between lovers. Consequently, I have chosen not to comment.

Hunter Silvastorm

Wwonka said...

Wow my thought was you should lock the door before you start these fantasys.