Thursday, November 1, 2007

Poker and Other Randomness

So in preparation for playing with bloggers in Vegas, I decide to do a few massive freerolls - the 15 minute SNG doesn't replicate what I'll be up against.

I played strong when I had it, waited patiently when I didn't, and only had one lucky break where I pushed with my pocket 7s and got two callers with A-rag and K-rag . . . one who had me outchipped. The king hit the flop, but my third seven hit the river. I ended up out of the money, but 104 out of 12,000 ain't bad. Top 1%, baby!

Still have to make my reservations - the hubby has convinced me to splurge and get a nice room. But a special thanks to Princess Maigrey for the offer of a roommate and others who have given their good advice. I might splurge and try to get close to the Venetian.


Had parent-teacher conference yesterday. Son #1 is doing fine - although has a tendency to make funny comments and outbursts at inappropriate times. Might be a good comedian or actor someday. He thinks in "TV" thoughts anyway. His teacher shared a very funny work of fiction the kids had to write - a dream sequence. His dream was about waking up next to a river and finding he was a beaver. Then it goes on to discuss meeting up with his beaver friends, the conversations they have (such as, "You got any Red Bull?"), and the things they do. At one point, his beaver friend takes him to see "his lady" who is a "hot beaver in a hot spring."

Once I got past my Beavis and Butthead urge to snicker, I said "how did you know the lady beaver was hot?" Reply? "Well, she had long hair, and she came up out of the water and kind of threw her hair back and the water went flying everywhere . . . " Reminiscent of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and the scene with Phoebe Cates, apparently, which he's never seen. That made me laugh even harder.

Funny aside, I made him get his hair cut and now he is totally mad at me for "ruining" his style. Told me he won't be able to concentrate in school because he'll be thinking about all the people laughing at him. Oh, to be 10.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


DrChako said...

I didn't say "stay near the Venetian." I said, "Stay AT the Venetian."

Would someone (other than me) please tell my wife to splurge a little?

-The Husband

PS. Gotta love those Hot Beavers!

BamBam said...

I'm with the good dr..

Three main reasons to stay at the Venetian.

1) Let us degenerates come to you!
2) First time alone, less hassle and decision making if you are right there.
3) You deserve a little up-quality time. (as do all golf loving - Drizz bashing pack fans in my books)

You don't know us and I understand that can be ... different.
But that's the beauty of our community. Pebbles and I will be getting into the airport there around 10:30pm. If that's really close to when you plan to get in, let me know. We can cab-pool you out to the Venetian on our way by.

We are also heading back to the MGM and could make arrangements to pick you up after check in and get you there. (if no ones made a better offer)

All my contact info is on the spreadsheet.

The Sister said...

Hey sis...Partners stay at the Venitian. Or the Bellagio. If you're gonna wear the title, you gotta look the part. Yee ha!

BamBam said...

Please tell me you sent Drizz...

Da-da-daa-daa-da....GO PACK GO !!!!

I did !