Friday, November 16, 2007

Its Been 5 Days . . .

I apologize. I feel like I'm doggy-paddling in the big pool of life, lately. I haven't made much progress across the pool, and my arms are getting tired.
  • Work is piling up all around me. Combination of my busy schedule and some client delays which all seem to be resolving themselves NOW.
  • I contracted a massive cold. So not only did I have sniffles over my business trip the last two days, but by the time I got on the flight last night to come home, my sinus were packed and I thought my head would pop off on descent.
  • Said flight was delayed last night, so the decongestant I took started to kick in too early and I was in a coma on the plane. As such, I slept in the same position for over 2 hours without moving - my muscles locked up and I was stiff and sore on landing.
  • I sat next to some hot guy on the flight. I'm married to a hot guy, but not above talking to other hot guys when given the chance. However, as a result of said decongestant-induced coma, I did not have an opportunity to speak with said hot guy.
On the positive side, the kids are having a great time with the grandparents, who flew in to help. And my training was beneficial in terms of what I learned and the individuals that I met who are experts in this area of accounting, so I have a whole new resource group to go to. And today I did get my partnership application in my e-mail, so on to step two in this long, long promotion process.

I can't wait to unwind in Vegas for 48 hours!

See you there.


BamBam said...


I can see it all now.

Said "hot-guy" sits down, sees you coming, watches your every move as you slide gently into the seat right nest to him

He thinks, "Hmmm.. this flight isn't going to be so bad after all."

15 minutes later he's thinking, "Nice! A comatose and snoring, snot machine!"

Sorry, I've been on way too many flights in my travels... I feel for you honest! But that poor man!

LMAO .. ;o}

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

Hot guy looks at you...

and thinks...

'wow, she's hot, she's got snot dripping out of her nose. Hmm When she passes out I'm gonna try for a cheap feel.'


Look, there is NOTHING more painful than having a cold and being totally unable to clear your ears on landing. I had that problem once on a flight from DFW to Orlando. Tears were pouring out of my eyes until my ears finally popped.

The hot woman next to me just patted my shoulder and "I know what your feeling hon." I didn't realize how hot she was until I realized that I was crying on a plane and then realized how much of a puss I must have looked like.

But she still smiled and I got a kiss on the cheek when we landed.

The Sister said...

Nothing like the "hot guy" on the plane ride. I have a special place in my file cabinet for business cards (with home phone numbers handwritten on the back) i have acquired from hot guys on flights. Of course on my flight from Dallas, TX to the ROK, it was 16 hours of an Asian 20-something who was coughing and spewing for the entire flight. By the time we landed, I was convinced I had contracted both TB and SARS.