Thursday, November 29, 2007

All Good Things

In 7 days I will be packing. Fortunately, samba panties don't take up much room, so I'll be able to carry on.

In addition to that goodness, I am touched by other good things in life:
  • Played a couple play money tourneys last night on PokerStars - 45 person tables - they seem more realistic than the 1 tables which tend to be a crazy all in fest. Took 3rd and 4th. And 4th wasn't bad - I just pushed with a pair of kings heads up and the guy caught his ace.
  • Heard from an old dear acquaintance - and got him reconnected with the Dr., too. Nice to have those little surprises come into your life.
  • Getting flowers from my mom for my birthday.
  • The sun is out in Seattle - when the sun is out, this is one of the most beautiful places around.
  • My team is 10-1. Hopefully tonight they make it 11-1. Either way, I'm sure someone will have something to say about it. Glad Bam Bam is on my side. I'm hoping that even Drizz will be on our side. My personal rule has always been (a) Green Bay should win; (b) If Green Bay is not playing, then I cheer for any other NFC-North team; or (c) I cheer for any team opposing the Cowboys, especially if its and NFC-North team.
  • Got a great price on tickets to Florida for the kids and au pair in February. School break, but busy season for me. They can enjoy the beach with the grandparents; I can work 15 hours days guilt free and come home to a silent house with no responsibilities.

Hope you all have something good to think about today, as well.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BamBam said...

I told you she'd want to get in on it!

Peb's sends huge ((hugs)) and warns of a possible three-way crush when we first lay eyes on you.

That's the happy thought for the day here..


BamBam said...

Big loss last night. :o(

Two actually, I hope Brett's alright?

I was glad to see the Doc. looking sooo happy.

It made me feel really good and I didn't do anything.

Drizztdj said...

It may shock you but I was cheering for the Packers that night. It might have been from going to the Rybecki Cheese (google it) store in the Mall of America.

And no I did not purchase a cheesehead!