Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Top Five

So I've been blog-spammed and now tagged for a list by Mr. Instant Tragedy himself. I feel like a part of the Kuh-myoo-ni-tee, as Bam Bam puts it.

By the way, I made Bam-Bam blush. If one little e-mail is going to do it, I don't know how he's going to survive me in Vegas. At least IT is getting a little taste of the randomness that can come out of an accountant's mind and mouth when their whole day is spent being business-like and professional.

So here is the Top Five. Not the movies and crap. I'm high on oxycodone for some killer neck and headache pain, and don't have the patience or wits to think that hard. But in our 12+ years of marriage, the Dr. and I have been very forthcoming about our "List". I've met couples who are not and pretend they would never create such a thing because their love is so strong there can be no other. Whatever. Truthfully, if DrChako was propositioned by Angelina and turned it down, I'd think something was wrong with him. And if he took her up on it, I'd be a little proud that my husband was hot enough to warrant her attention.

So in order of how long they have been on the list:
  1. Hugh Jackman. Wolverine hair is a little much, but aside from that . . . hot, hot, HOT.
  2. Antonio Banderas. Preferably with the long, dark "Desperados" hair.
  3. Johnny Depp.
  4. Jason Statham. The Transporter. Doesn't talk a lot, looks hot with shaved hair, and I love when he has to change shirts in the movie.
  5. Murilo Benicio. Brazilian actor in "Woman on Top". He could be on top for all I care.

And I'm not sure open solicitation is actually part of this deal, but if Hugh Jackman is reading and happens to be in Vegas December 7 - 9 . . . your shoes may occupy any space under my bed.

No tag backs.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BamBam said...

Happy Thanksgiving !

Do not worry about that little blush my dear. It was from your kind gesture and my surprise at the extra little work done to make contact.

I remembered the last time I blushed though. It was when Pebbles and I had first met. She randomly walked in and handed me blades for my razor. "I noticed you were out" was all she said. My blades and razor are always neatly tucked out of sight. Not only did she have to work to find that I was out, she made sure to get the exact right ones that I was using.

I guess it's the little things that get me. I've seen, done and said just about everything else.

BamBam said...

TY !!!

I humbly accept both kisses.... and the "full" hug.

Peb's hadn't read it by the time I got home. She was interior decorating all day.
(read bored housewife)

When I had the computer on, she asked me to read what I had posted today.

Can you say puddles? (from both!)