Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Poker is a Bitch

So for those of you who haven't already realized that for all the poker skills in the world, there is still a lot of luck involved, I just want to share a hand with you all.

Last week my in-laws were in town. Nana Judy was playing me head's up. She never raised with her big pairs, always called me with random cards when I raised, and caught more straights on the river than any river rat I've met. She loves playing, and its fun to play with her, but frustrating to always get your money in with the best hand and have her suck out.

While we're playing, Son #2 wants to play. So we divide up the chips, and deal a hand. I'm dealt pocket 4s. I raise 4x the blind. Son #2 is to my left and calls (he's 5 - he doesn't know what he's doing). Nana Judy has something random (AGAIN) like K9 offsuit and calls. Flop comes out 10 - 3 - 2, or something like that. I go all in. Son #2 calls (he's 5 -he doesn't know what he's doing). Nana Judy calls. We all turn over. Son #2 has 10-7 offsuit and wins with his pair of 10s and takes us both out.

Strategy is worthless when the opponent can't do addition, much less pot odds.

Last night, he reminded me that he won poker.

He's competitive - he's my son.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


SirFWALGMan said...

You played that hand SOOOOO bad. You over committed with a weak PP against two other players.. Once you got called pre-flop you should have laid the hand down. Tsk tsk! Please come sit at my NLHE table in Vegas. ;).

The Wife said...

For Waffles benefit, you will NEVER catch me raising 4x the blind with pocket 4s in any tournament, especially against you vipers. Hell, against you punks, I might not raise with anything less than pocket kings. Ask the Dr. - I am fond of the slow play.

In a home game against a 5 year old and a grandmother, I will raise every time. I just have to take the lumps that come with bad 5-year old players who think its good to call with 10-7 offsuit.


The Wife

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

If you are taking poker tips from waffles...

then you are dead money.

I'll be glad to sit at the same table as you!



BigPirate said...

My 4 y/o said, "I know how to play poker, Daddy." He sees the setup and a few hands before bedtime on the Tuesdays I host. "You do?" "Yes. You have to stack your chips right. That's how you play poker. Now,can you teach me to play cards?"