Monday, November 26, 2007

So many things . . . so little time

12 days? Lot to do in 12 days:
  • Complete initial application for promotion. Take all accomplishments, ignore the team part of the effort, make them all sound like my idea, and amplify them all another 20%.
  • Do all the work I should have done this weekend when I was sick.
  • Finish reviewing all my staff's work. There is a reason that on most of our clients, we have managers AND senior managers (me). Fate has intervened to leave me manager-less on all right now - I pity the poor thing who's work is coming directly to me.
  • Finish shopping for Hanukkah presents. We light candles for the first night the evening of December 4th. That is right around the corner. I have the big gift (can you say "Wii"?). But they like small individual presents too.
  • Send DrChako the next care package. He needs Hanukkah presents too.
  • Coordinate the babysitting.
  • Keep practicing on line NLHE. So tired of slogging through 9,000 of the 10,000 entrants, only to have one suck out take me out.
  • Buy more clothes. Have been convinced my my au pair that the corporate nun thing isn't going to fly in Vegas.
  • Buy cute Packer tank top. If' I'm going to make Drizz wear Packer gear on Sunday and get photographed with me, he at least deserves to see the green displayed a little nicer than across the average Packer fan beer belly.
  • Call Mom.
  • Do nails.
  • Cut hair? Or just pay Jeff $30 to take 3 mm off the ends, 'cause I can work with this length.
  • Shave. Maybe wax. No shave. Wax?

I'm sure I've forgotten something.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BamBam said...

Is there any truth to the rumour that we can all make a donation to the care package?

Like blogger's buying a guitar???
Hint-Hint-Hint blogger's !
We could go deep in Vegas perhaps?
Hint-Hint-Hint Blogger's !

Let me know.

BamBam said...

Oh yeah... I almost forgot!

The guy in me say's WAX !

The human in me say's shave.

The Wife said...

I believe that there is a musical instrument in the works . . . it could easily be supplemented by complimentary things likes strings, picks, etc. I believe personalization might be the key, but Tragedy is the organizer.

'Course, I can always take home other things, if people want to donate poker memorabilia or other things to make him remember the good times. I'll ship it all to him in care of you all.

The Wife said...

Oh, and I hope in the wax/shave debate, you know I was thinking "legs", right?

Just didn't need to get too personal with everyone.

Its not a pain thing really at all - we're women, we're used to pain. Its more of an aesthetic thing - shaving is smoother, but visually, wax lasts longer.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...


Sheesh, I can't take you guys ANYWHERE!

And as for the shave/wax debate.

WHY DID YOU BRING THIS UP? Waffles mind is going crazy!

I will not be responsible for anyone who asks to see the result!

Hunter Silvastorm said...

Dear Wife,

Have you forgotten anything? Yes. Don't forget to take along your green-shaded visor. It makes you look very pjrofessional and has a tendency to frighten the competition. Don't forget to practice your odds computations. Practice them silently, but verbalize them at the table. Even the dealer will be impressed. Don't forget to take clean underwear. Accidents happen, like falling asleep at the poker table and falling off your chair. And last but not least, don't forget your rabbit's foot, and the mystical box that once belonged to the "Three Sisters of Serendip."


RaisingCayne said...

Thanks for the hello over at my blog. I have indeed been neglecting posting lately, and will do so much more often going forward.

I sure am green with envy over the excitement of your upcoming Vegas adventures! Wish I was making it down there for the blogger gathering, but just didn't have the means currently. (I'm goin' down there for a week in March, and couldn't justify the expense or the vacation time in December too.) Have a WONDERFUL time!!!

Oh, for the record, I WAS KIDDING with the reference to "porn" under my "favorite movie" in my profile! :-) I was kidding!!! I'm not as shallow as I may appear, I swear! I'm worth the introduction to the au pair.

Hopefully you can meet me in a local card room sometime in the not too distant future. Hit me up if you ever have a local game on your upcoming itinerary!

Drizztdj said...

If you do need to buy something in Green and Gold for me, I'm a XL to XXL.

I'm sure the good doctor could tell you I'm one of the taller bloggers :)