Friday, February 22, 2008

This Might Be Better Than Sex . . .

. . . drugs . . . or rock and roll.

Check out these babies. I can't wait to buy more red accessories and clothes.

It's not shoe addiction . . . this is shoe lust.

Respectfully and hedonistically submitted,

The Wife


DrChako said...

You have beautiful feet, but the last thing I want to hear after being in Iraq for 7 months is that you found something better than sex!

-The Husband

The Wife said...

I would think you would be happy that I feel this way. You would think a pair of shoes wouldn't be that much competition for you when you get back . . . it could be worse!

Betty said...


I know a little something about shoes, especially the sexy ones, and those are super sexy!

They sorta match your car!

The Sister said...

Those are great shoes!!! Woo hoo! Very sexy indeed!

BWoP said...

It's kinda like when one kid asks which kid you love more. And of course you say that there is enough love in your heart for both of them.

Shoes and sex can coexist in the love department.

BTW, the shoes are fab.