Monday, February 18, 2008

Insights on Love

So I watched sappy movies this weekend. "The Notebook" and "Definitely, Maybe" - both screaming chick flicks that left me crying. All about love. Love found, love lost, love challenged, love failed, love revisited.

Made me think about love. You say "I love you" to lots of people. You say it to your mom. Your siblings. Your first love. Your first heartbreak. Your spouse. Your children.

Clearly, it can't mean the same thing every time you say it. Three words. Different meanings. I say it to my brother, right after I roll my eyes about the last stupid thing he's said or done. I said it to my first serious boyfriend, but in retrospect, first loves pale in comparison to loves that come later in life when you know yourself.

I say it to my children everyday. Its the kind of love that if anyone tried to harm them, I might have to kill that person. Seriously. I've never killed anyone. But don't ever test me.

I say it to my husband, and mean it more than any man before him. But if someone tried to harm him, I don't think it would bring out the killer instinct like with my kids. Don't get me wrong, I'd still be pissed. I don't think it means I love him less.

I don't have anything more profound on the subject. Although, if men wanted to learn how to love us completely, they could take advice from my children. On how to express love, without holding back. Without reservation or qualification. While they are away from me, we talk by phone, or my oldest son sends me text messages.

I get texts like "I love you the most in the whole world."

I get calls that say "I love you 100" and when I respond "I love you 200", I get "Well, then I love you a billion". My oldest one has gone so far as to say "I love you googleplex".

What woman could resist those kind of declarations?

So what number is your love? Don't forget to tell her/him.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Betty said...

"I love you. Infinity."

It is sort of like an "I Love You" shut down. No one can love MORE than infinity!

Yes, I am an overachiever!


DrChako said...

It's nice to know how I rate. I'll make sure my life insurance is up to date...


There is no greater love than a momma bear for her cubs. I get that.

-The Husband

BamBam said...

Obviously no kids or Disney'esque lifestyle for Betty!

I love you "to Infinity AND BEYOND !

HA ! I finally got Betty ! Does anyone else see a "licking" in my future?

Actually, I love this side of you M, and that's why I love you like a Sister.(not a Nun™)

Life lesson #1 from Grandpa Bam-Bam. "Love it like you'll never see it again. Whatever 'it' happens to be at the time."

Hunter Silvastorm said...

Dear The Wife,

If the harm that was about to destroy your husband was coming from some blonde bimbo with Jenna Jamieson protrusions, I have no doubt that you would, in fact, kill the bitch.


The Wife said...

I don't think I would actually kill the bitch. But if, say, the parking assist function in my lovely new red car happened to malfunction and I nailed her at 40 mph in a dark alley . . . that would be tragic, would it not?

Instant Tragedy said...

Love you Infinity PLUS Infinity!


HA Betty! HA!