Sunday, February 10, 2008

(Almost) Kicked Ass!!!!

Good thing those Seattle area bloggers are a fun bunch. Being the bubble girl is no fun. BOTH times. I'm the only one who made it to the top three both times. BFD. Only top two paid.

Big thanks to Cayne and Joshua for hosting. To Andre for supplying the fantastic table (sorry that 50% of your fine black felt is still under my fingernails). And to Matt, SeattleJohn, and MeanHappyGuy for making it a great evening. Zeem, you missed out, buddy.

I'll post pictures soon and more details. Must go to bed now.

BamBam, I got my hugs. (Though between you and me, not quite as good as yours. Don't tell the guys. Or tell them - maybe they'll up the ante next time!) But the biggest lover of all? The big black puppy dog. Oh yeah, he knew who had some lovin' for him. Come to momma . . .

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


DrChako said...

It seems you and I own the bubble. It sounds like you still had fun. Maybe when I get home, we'll host. It will give us an excuse to get a fancy poker table of our own.

-The Husband

Hunter Silvastorm said...

Dear The Wife,

Good thing for blogs and poker. Without them, only Busy-Season and Straightjackets!


Zeem said...

I emailed that I was looking for a ride and got no response and then Friday got super busy for me and I spaced. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I am truly sorry I missed.

The Sister said...

Are you talking about my big black puppy getting some lovin' or is that just a metaphor for something that I, as a non-poker player, don't understand?

Betty said...

Okay, I am brushing up on my game and coming up to play.

You got some cuties up there in that there Pacific Northwest.