Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 - A Blogger Retrospective

I haven't blogged long enough to really publish a "best of" post. Although I'd like to get a little credit for introducing the Samba panty discussion. Particularly when the whole point of this blog started off to be a way for me to encapsulate life after my husband's deployment. Imagine my husband's look of horror when he found that my panties had become a public discussion forum.

So instead of a best of me, I'd like to tell you why I read some of the blogs that I read in 2007. There are too many to mention, and many with absolutely engaging writing. There are a few that touch me in one way or another:

I read Otis because his writing has this intense impact on my intellect, my empathy, and my emotions. I re-read some of his "best of" posts. He has a way with images on paper - its almost sensual. I now have this fantasy that he takes me to a hotel room, blindfolds me, and reads his RapidEyeReality posts to me out loud. Gives me shivers. (Did I just say that out loud?)

I read Bam Bam because this man has the biggest heart in North America. He has reached out to me and the Dr. through all of this and I got the greatest pleasure meeting him and his lovely Pebbles in Vegas. You write from the heart and touch all those who know you.

I read Instant Tragedy because he alternately makes me laugh, makes me sad, and makes me want to hug him. He's the guy you want to know when you have a true tragedy; he will put his own tragedy aside to share a hug with you.

I read Drizz, just to see if he can find a new way to slip in a snide Green Bay or Wisconsin comment, with all of his Viking/Purple Jesus/Purple Love shtick. The Wisconsin Survivor thing did make me chuckle.

I read CC to ground myself in reality - he is honest, thoughtful, and has a heart of gold. He's kind of like our own personal spiritual guide in the blogosphere. And he's just a darn, nice guy. Look at that smile - how can you not love him?

I read Waffles just because I laugh every time I try to reconcile the pleasant, affable man I met in Vegas with this raving, cursing lunatic who fantasizes about random, hot women performing oral sex for him on his commute. Makes me wonder what he was really thinking . . .

I read Betty Underground more and more . . . as an old married woman, I'm long past the angst of relationships . . . but somehow, her voice sounds vaguely reminiscent of the 20-something year old inside of me, so many years ago . . . And she has a sex blog that is EXACTLY how I would write about sex. If I wrote about sex. Publicly. If it wouldn't give my husband a heart attack. Which it would.

I read Mrs. Otis. . . . and not just because I feel obligated to because I have random, intellectual fantasies about her husband. She just captures life, and mom-ness, and wife-ness in a very practical manner. And she's cute as a button.

And I read DrChako. Not just because I am married to him. Because he posts about things like he talks about them. And if he were here with me, these would be stories we share over dinner, before they become blog posts. So in this way, its kind of like he's here.

I read more . . . and one of my new year's resolution is to add to my blog roll for those of you I enjoy coming back to.

May tomorrow be the start of a great new year for you all.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BamBam said...

Points that need to be made for the record :

1) Good friends that are made, (even though they are 99% invisible) will always get 110% of my support. For without friends like yourself and The Doc, an empty hole would sit there and surely eat me up from within.

2) Despite the distance and relative invisibility of our relationship, I can still remember the exact moment I first laid eyes on you at the Venetian. This one memory more than any other from that entire weekend, stays with me and surfaces whenever I need a smile.

3) At my advanced age, (Thank you again for pointing that out Pauly!) I don't believe I can do too much about the chest. I am however, suddenly considering the shaved head approach. Ear measurements relative to head size and shape are being taken as I write. lol.

All the best in 08 M.

SirFWALGMan said...

I often times wonder what I am thinking too..

Betty said...

Thank you for the "shout-out" (do kids these days still say that?).

I am glad you are able to take something away from my drivel.

You know, I am looking for contributors on that "sex blog"... you can remain anonymous!

Anonymous said...


I'm not the only one that has that fantasy about Otis.

katitude said...

Happy New Year :-)