Sunday, December 9, 2007

Welcome Back, MrsC!

I'm tired, happy, and a little sad that tomorrow is back to the grind. And I don't mean the poker grind. I mean the commuting, child-raising, bill-paying reality. No more late nights, turn-down service, sleeping in, running around casinos in a pair of tight jeans and a low cut shirt.

Tomorrow it's suits, and accounting, and homework, and family weddings . . .

Pauly did the first post, but for being the first gathering that I was a part of (and not just the accompaniment to the husband), I have to share my few highlights:
  • Meeting invisible friends face to face and hugging them all.
  • Seeing how a massive collective of loosely related people can all come together into something so organized that lasts SOOOOO long.
  • Lasting 4 hours in this crazy thing when I don't play nearly as much poker as the rest of you. When it got time to do some pushing, Rooster took about half of my chip stack when he called my 5x raise (ok, I admit, it was a blind steal with a little suited paint), and then the flop gave him the nut straight. He was nice enough to show me. He checked it, but so did I, so the next bet had me mucking and the dealer sliding him my chips. At least he put the chips to good use. Congratulations are in order, dear. Oh, yeah, he kissed me too.
  • Blinders took the last of my chips from me in a race - he'd built a nice stack and decided to push me with his KQ offsuit. I had AJ offsuit. King hit him, and I waved goodbye. But can't complain. At least he moneyed. If you have to lose, it somehow feels better to lose to someone who can make it to the money, than to just any random donkey.
  • Tragedy made an excellent chaperone. Next time, hon, just remember if I have a chance to sleep late, I will ALWAYS take it. So if I'm not answering the phone, chances are I have a date with my pillow.
  • I got to hug Otis. Who took second to the Rooster. Its funny to read Rooster's blog from a few days ago or so - its makes it sound like they'd be at the final table together. But best part was hugging this sweet soul who was so thoughtful to my hubby. Bless you, sweet man. And you're WAY cuter than your blog picture.
  • Thanks to all for DrChako's guitar - he will love all my pictures, love all the stories, read your blogs voraciously, and wish he could have been there a hundred times, but he'll always have this guitar to commemorate.

Will post pictures another day.

To those still out there, enjoy. To the rest of you arriving back in reality, it was good to be part of it all.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


GaryC said...

Mrs Chako,

It was truly our pleasure to have you in Las Vegas in the Doc's stead. I got to meet the Doc last year and play a little poker with him and, although it is very difficult to get to know every single person at these events, I felt like I got to know him enough.

You and he are lucky people and my wife and I feel like we are better people for having met you.

God bless and god speed.


BamBam said...

It was such a pleasure for both of us to be able to get our hands on you finally! (**note to Doc** Hugs only, I promise. ;o) )

We can't wait to get a planned get together for the four of us.

It was a blast getting to know a little more about you. Now we're eager to learn more and more.

I have started a counter. As agreed upon the last momment we had together this weekend, 32! That's the number of hug's still outstanding.

Lot's of love !

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Mrs. Chako...for the record (just in case your husband is reading) you kissed me. Nuff said. Yeah, it is odd how I posted that about Otis only to meet him at the final table.

The Wife said...

I think the Rooster and I will have to agree to disagree. I kissed a hundred cheeks in Vegas (and my husband knows I'm a social cheek kisser) - but I NEVER initiate a kiss on the mouth. NEVER. Even when I was dating. Ask the Dr.

Rule 1: Never initiate this first kiss on the mouth.

Maybe you were just tired from your grueling victory. Maybe you were swept away in the moment. Maybe you moved your cheek unintentionally. Or intentionally. Either way, its more fun to post that you kissed me.

Shhh... Quiet said...
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Shhh... Quiet said...

Yeah, yeah, enough with the pleasantries... how did my $1 bad beat, roulette spin go. By your lack of acknowleding it, I'm assuming it won and you're hoping I wouldn't mention it. You can transfer the funds to my account :)

(sorry about the delete, I'm anal about spelling!)

Otis said...

Glad you had a good time, M. It was more than a pleasure seeing you again.

Doc, you can rest assured, your wife represented you and herself well in Vegas.