Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Almost There!

Hard to believe its almost there. I have SOOOO much to do before I go to Vegas. But I've left the office late two out of three nights so far, tomorrow doesn't look that promising, and I'm only writing this blog now as I take a quick break from preparing for a short presentation tomorrow.

So far, I haven't done much besides:

- Think (note, think, not schedule) about what spa treatments I deserve
- Think (note, think, because I don't have time to do much play) about the tournament
- Start packing (so far, one pair of heels, a chemise ('cause I have to look cute sleeping by myself in that king size bed), and a pair of sunglasses. I think I probably need more clothes. But then, DrChako tried to go to Vegas with no pants before, so I'm sure I could manage.
- Launder all samba panties
- Finish wrapping Hanukkah presents
- Think about paying the bills
- Work
- Work
- Be a mom
- Work

I SOOOOOOO need this break. I apologize in advance if I seem like a woman who has not been out of the house in a long time. Feel like I'm in a perpetual insane asylum these days.

Watch out, crazy Wife, coming through!

See you in a few.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


The Sister said...

While your trip is not an official sis-n-sis 'chick-trip', it's going to be just as much fun! I can't wait until you and I go on our next chick-trip!! Just reading about your preperations gets me all butterfly-esque.

Drizztdj said...

My wife enjoyed the MGM's spa treatments last time if you're looking for a referral.

Shhh... Quiet said...

You're so lucky to be going to Vegas. I haven't been in years!

BamBam said...

Travel - safe and well....
Hug - firm and often.....

See you soon !

CC said...

Can't wait to welcome you, Michelle. Safe travels.

Shhh... Quiet said...

Have a safe trip, I'm insanely jealous... and you owe me a dollar. Play Roullette, put it on #24 or better yet, put it on 9. :D