Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mindless, Senseless Drivel

This is courtesy of BettyUnderground. I'm envious of her bangle bracelets for 3 Euro (I love when they clink on the desk, too). Today I was into a lot of her more recent serious posts. But the kid in me, who loves these dorky tests (who has the time to think this shit up?), happened upon this one, and I had to take the test.


So, how many could you take? Don't give me the "its a kid, for god's sake" nonsense. I am a mom. I have a 5 year old. Sometimes I want to beat him up. I don't. But sometimes I want to.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


katitude said...

LOL...what's awful is mine was 23...I think I was channeling my inner frustrated teacher when I did the test *grin.

The Sister said...

Must be something about this Korean internet. Every time i finish it and hit the button get my score, it takes me to a dating site and i cant get out of it. I am sure my number would be super high, though. I wanna smack almost every kid I see. Ooops...did I say "almost?"

Betty said...

The Sister: the link is screwy when they give you the html (damn advertisers)
Try this!

The Wife is taller than me (even when I am wearing heels) so she could take 1 more kid than I.

Not that any of us WOULD! :)

Wish I has a chance to get to chat with you more in Vegas. Next time for sure!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Betty! That worked like a charm. My socre said i could take out 17 of them in a scrap. My guess is I lost points for my answer of "very short" when they asked how tall I was.

RubyRed said...

hahahaha Who comes up with these quizzes eh?? It says I can take 14... I know thats wrong though, just last week I took on 30. haha jk. If you liked that quiz, I think you'll like this other one I just came across yesterday at - its a quiz about how "ubergeek" you are, the questions are pretty funny.