Monday, December 3, 2007

Life is Fleeting

I pause today for a somber reflection on life. Yesterday, DrChako's uncle slipped away from us, quietly, quickly, and thanks to the hospice, as comfortably as he could.

Each of you have been so thoughtful of my husband in these past few months; think of him today, as he grieves, an ocean and more away, unable to be with family at this time through anything other than a sporadic call or e-mail.

I'm an accountant. Never claimed to be a writer. But I composed a poem for the family, a bit tongue in cheek ('cause that's how Uncle D would have liked it), but maybe a message we can all share. So for that old stockbroker we all knew and loved, or for those of you who need reminding about how precious life and love are, an excerpt from "Life's an Investment" . . .

Life’s an investment, its dividends, love;
Its total returns infinite, like the stars above.
But its trend line is crooked, it rises and it falls,
Unpredictable at best, the volatility appalls.
Sometimes the dip seems impossibly low,
And even the uptick can be impossibly slow.
But investing is long term, its goal far away;
You maximize your return, the longer you stay.
You rebalance your portfolio of loving and care,
You tend to your loved ones, through the bull and the bear.
But even a good investor has an exit strategy;
But unlike the stock market, life’s better you see -
For when it’s time for the investment to end,
It continues to pay dividends, in the memory of
A husband,
A father,
A brother,
A friend.

Don't forget to tell someone you love them today.

Respectfully, and sadly, submitted,

The Wife

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BamBam said...

Nothing but our prayers and well wishes from here in the North.

Life is fleeting indeed.

As a very wise man once told a wonderful woman, who then shared it with a very lucky man,
"My arms are around you"
even from a distance.

Our prayers are with the entire family.

Pebbles & Bam-Bam