Monday, December 24, 2007

Conversations with a 10 Year Old

While there are many days I could kill him, there are numerous days of comic relief and significant insight from Son #1:

Conversation 1:

  • Son#1: "Mom, if you had to be locked in a cage with someone, who would it be?"
  • Wife: (Thinking this might be a trick question and keeping the "Hugh Jackman" answer to myself . . . ) "Uh . . . your Dad?" (Good answer, Wife) "Who would you be locked in a cage with, son?"
  • Son #1: (Smirking) "Uh, she's a little older than me." (More smirking)
  • Wife: "Would she, by chance, be dating Tito Ortiz?"
  • Son #1: (Big smirk) "Uh, technically, they are engaged."
  • Wife: (High fives son and laughs, but secretly thinks "Great. 10 year old son wants to date the "Queen of Porn")
Conversation 2:
  • Son #1: "Mom, you ever notice how all our teams start with "S"? You know, Sonics, Seahawks . . ."
  • Wife: "Well, the Mariners start with "M", son."
  • Son #1: "Well, I meant football and basketball."
  • Wife: "You weren't specific."
  • Son #1: "You're right. I just don't like to be wrong. No one likes to be wrong."
I'm trying to decide whether he sounds more like me or his father at this point.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


SirFWALGMan said...

The first conversation sounds more like me.. locking porn queens in cages and stuff.. Send him over for the summer and I will try my best to encourage his good start.

BamBam said...

The first conversation is definately you M. ;o)
He just wanted to give the right answer. No regrets, no pre- or after thoughts, just the right answer.
The second answer seems like damn good parenting to me. It must be a little of the two of you.

Thanks so much for the M-mail ! It was wonderful for both of us to return home to tonight. It meant the world!