Monday, December 28, 2009

WPBT - Sunday

This is the day where I am physically and mentally exhausted, and yet not ready to go home. I am overtired, overstimulated, underfed, underhydrated, and yet I want more.

I am awake early, again. Not by alarm, but by that nervous energy, as if I might miss something if I let myself sleep too late. I try sleeping, but between the texts from those on their way to the Lagasse Stadium for the games, the friends who will be leaving early, and my general restlessness, I finally fall out of bed, and prepare myself for the day.

Its a purple day. After such a fantastic record against my pal Drizz and his miserable Vikings, I have succumbed to the ultimate loss - not only did the Packers lose to the Vikings this year (twice), they did it at the hands of their former quarterback - Mr. Favre himself. It's dual humiliation, but I'm a woman of my word and a woman of dignity - I intend to lose properly.

* * * * *

I did it 100%. Purple bra, purple lace panties (the lucky few were permitted to see a sliver of the evidence). Purple camisole, and purple chandelier earrings. Monster purple stilettos with my jeans. I threw on a sweater over top, knowing that Drizz would have the final garment when I got there.

I donned it as gracefully as I could, and even posed for the appropriate pictures, to be posted later. Including one where I stare longingly at the beautiful #4 jersey in green and gold behind the glass. *Sigh*

* * * * *

Sunday was like having your pals over to your house. You're really kick-ass house with the best TV/game room you could imagine. If your house had scantily clad waitresses in pseudo-sports gear serving beer and wings all day and a bathroom with a mirrored ceiling.

But because it felt like home, in a way, it was an easy way to wind down. Catch a few more snippets of conversation with people you don't see often enough. Hug the ones who left early. Catch a nap laying on the hip of your favorite chica. Have a long, emotional girl chat, topped off by a breather on the patio at the Palazzo catching the last of the day's sunshine while you compared this season's "must-haves" lists.

Eventually I had to leave too, and I found myself emotional about going. Thinking Kat and I should really live closer. Thinking that having CK run her fingers through my hair while we lounged around watching football on Sunday would be ok. Thinking that even if I had to wear purple every Sunday, it might be worth the price to hang with Drizz and OhCaptain more frequently (note the "might" . . . ). I squeezed in another few hugs, here and there. Traded a few more kisses. Thanked Waffles for the books, again. Petted Iggy's hair, once more. Took a few more pictures for posterity's sake, and then was in a taxi back to the airport with DrChako.

* * * * *

It took much longer to wind down this year, and to get over the letdown of being with friends. I can't explain. Maybe the events of the year have just taken a higher toll, emotionally, on me, and I needed the break more than ever before. Maybe this time, even though I've always opened my heart to all, maybe this time, I let a few more of you even deeper in there than before.

So when are we doing this again?

Can't wait to see you next time . . .

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BWoP said...

You're welcome to stay at my house any time you want to come to Vegas.

(And there's a hot tub!)

Drizztdj said...

If the playoff shake out a certain way Favre vs. Packers III: The Playoff Edition could be on...