Saturday, December 19, 2009


DrChako's back in Seattle working this weekend, so I called him for a normal spousal check-in.

"Whatcha doing?" I asked.

He was planning to play racquetball with MHG and then going to see if he could rustle up some poker or a movie. He asked what was on my agenda.

I recounted my plans and activities of the day. Sleep late. Clean the fridge. Spray for ants. Get a massage. Finish buying holiday presents. Make dinner. Give nanny the night off to go salsa dancing while I stay home and watch cable movies with the boys.

I laughed and said "Wow. Far cry from last weekend. I go from smokin' hot kissing vixen to boring Mom inside of a week."

He laughed and said "You're multi-purpose. You're like the Swiss Army knife of wives."

Take that, bitches.

I'm multi-purpose.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

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KenP said...

Well we're all sure Doc has admired your multitasking abilities...well...for ever.

Of course there is that old saw about Jack of all trades.

We fellow go more for the other know...the master part. OK, we're deluded but it is fun even if it is intellectually challenging.