Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Memories in a Box

I'm on a cleaning project. In order to get the Dr. down here with us permanently, we made need to create a more usable home office. Right now our home office is the "room where the stuff we didn't need immediately, and some random computer equipment" is housed. I have a laptop and we have wireless, so I usually connect from the comfort of my room.

I've been organizing it . . . personal paperwork, media, medical texts, you name it. I bought a shredder and will be shredding any old paperwork with personal information on it prior to 2002. But as I get rid of the old, even the boring paperwork, it's bringing up memory after memory . . . most of a life well lived.
  • Postcards from when DrChako and I were still dating . . . I think we'd said "I love you" but marriage wasn't even spoken of . . .
  • My high school diploma
  • Pictures of my brother at age 7 . . . when he still had a full head of hair
  • Our first apartment lease together, in Columbus Georgia
  • The mortgage paperwork from the first home we owned
  • The sale paperwork from the sale of the first home we owned
  • The paperwork from the first "luxury" car we bought . . . a used Lexus.
  • The sale paperwork from when we sold the Lexus to our friends
  • My high school best friend's wedding program . . . where I was a bridesmaid, 20+ years ago, wearing a pink floral tea length dress with crinolines and a large garden hat
  • Our high school graduation announcement
  • Pictures of my cousin Justin as a toddler - he just had his first baby last month.
  • Pictures of old high school friends, including Maile, who to this day I still think is one of the most beautiful women I'd ever known
  • Pictures of 3 of the 4 guys I dated while in high school. The only one I don't have a picture of is the only one I am in contact with today. I keep the other three to remind me of why I didn't marry any of them.
  • A college report card -straight A's
  • A little bluebird charm bracelet from my grandmother when I was a little girl
  • A picture of a cake announcing the birth of my first baby

Cleaning is therapeutic in many ways . . . its a fresh start, a way to rid yourself of the burdens of the past. Apparently, its also a way to wander through those life moments and smile, realizing you're pretty happy where you ended up.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


DrChako said...

So you DIDN'T actually shred the photos of old boyfriends. I knew it!

-The Husband

(but thanks for cleaning the office!)

The Wife said...

I shredded the other boyfriends. The ones I DON'T want you to know about.

You're welcome to see them, if you'd like . . . I'm sure it would only be a boost to your already over-sized ego.

BamBam said...

Could you two possibly get any cuter?

Me thinks not!