Monday, December 14, 2009

Serendipity II

As if I hadn't had enough of that stuff this weekend, apparently it is still lingering.

* * * * *

I turned on my computer last night when I got home, after unpacking, trying to decompress. My schedule was completely blocked, except for this 15 minutes that I'd done a self-block on, just to keep my sanity.

At the top of the day's list was the following:

7:00 Performance review - call your boss.

Seriously, people? 7:00 a.m.? How many of you have ever seen Mrs Chako out of bed before 7:00 a.m.? And seeing me at 4:00 a.m. because I hadn't made it to bed after the Steel Panther/GVR poker session doesn't count.

I started laundry, put away the clean things I didn't wear, and watched the clock, feeling utterly exhausted but not being sleepy.

My email finally booted up, with two surprises - conference call moved to 7:15 a.m. (in my world, that's a whole 'nother cycle of REM, which I love), and performance comments delivered in advance.

The advanced intelligence was good. No bad surprises, plenty of good surprises.

Then today I got on the call. The advanced intelligence was the stripped down version, and the in person version was even better. I think the most flattering comment I got was that my boss had done a lot of interviewing, saw a lot of intelligent people with the technical capabilities, but he said "you had all that, but somehow, I just thought you'd be a good fit for this group, and every day, I'm even more convinced that's true."

I love compliments. I sometimes have a hard time taking them, but they make me glow . . . well, forever. If you've ever said anything complimentary to me, its filed somewhere in this noggin. Sometimes verbatim. Often, with videographic reproductive capabilities. And to be honest, I have a huge amount of pride in my work, so a compliment is really one of my best motivators.

I finished the rest of the discussion, still smiling.

* * * * *

So what does this have to do with serendipity?

Well, 9 months ago, I had the opportunity to interview for this job for the first time. Less than a month later, it was more than an "interesting opportunity" - it was almost necessity. You see, a little over 8 months ago, I was told I was being let go of my then-current job. 15 years . . . and that's all she wrote.

Six months ago, I accepted the offer for the job I have today. Today, not only did I walk away from the conversation with a glow, but with a purpose, with confidence about my influence and my impact, and, even given the economy for the past year, with the promise of a bonus in two weeks that will effectively result in effectively making 50% (*) more for something that gives me more job satisfaction, puts me in more control, makes me a bigger fish in a bigger pond, for a more recognizable company, with a better title.

If you hadn't stopped feeling sorry for me losing my job prior to this, you'll need to stop now. I insist. Really, I'm ok. I think, save for a few life experiences, this weekend included, getting fired was one of the most serendipitous events ever.

* * * * *

So who's coming to the Chako house for a party to spend some of this loot in the new year?

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

* Editor's note . . . in my post-bonus euphoric state, I'm apparently not as good at math as I normally am- forgot to annualize the bonus . . . its more.


BWoP said...



Golf, great dinner, lots of booze . . . other stuff . . .

Sound fun?

DrChako said...


Although I'm just as excited about CK's "other stuff."

BamBam said...

Planning, planning and more planning. Seems like all I ever get to do!

Proud of you M. So very well deserved as well. Of that simple fact my dear, I have absolutely no doubt at all.

KenP said...

OK, you lost all the sympathy votes... :)

In the south there is talk of Parteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

In the north there are thoughts of Ferrariiiiiiiiii!

The Sister of DrChako and Mrs. Chako said...

Let's buy the tickets, (first class of course), and arrange for a limo to take Eric and I to and from the airport (coming and going) and to arrange for a hotel for us to stay (a Marriott or Wyndahm with a veiw of the SF Bay would suffice) and then dinner each night at the finest restaurants in San Fran, OH...and first class accomodations in the area of doggy day care for your niece Macy Moo and we are SO there!

Katitude said...

well methinks the bike trip to the west coast moved up the list a notch or two :-)

congrats M!