Friday, December 18, 2009

WPBT - Friday

Friday was a day of highs and lows, and one of the longest days I've EVER spent. I packed so many things into Friday, I can't believe it - it was like an entire Vegas trip in one day. And I couldn't have ever predicted what was in store for me. Lets see if I can summarize.
  • 1:30 am time for bed.
  • Toss and turn all night. Mind racing. Maybe worried that I miss my 6:45 am conference call.
  • 6:45 am conference call. Boss kinda of feels sorry for me, admits he considered giving me a hall pass, then doesn't. On the phone until 7:45 - with a follow up call scheduled later.
  • Shower, plan to meet Betty for breakfast, and maybe Kat.
  • Find out Betty has overslept and is out. DrChako joins instead.
  • Kat makes it over and joins DrChako and I.
  • DrChako leaves to golf the frozen tundra. We both kiss him goodbye.
  • Have a lovely chat and breakfast with my favorite Canadian girl. We just get closer and closer - wish the geography cooperated more.
  • 10 am conference call.
  • 10:30 am conference call.
  • Text from Peaker to say he's on his way to join me for lunch.
  • Make him wait for conference call that runs long. Lose 45 minutes of time with one of my all-time favorite crushes. First bad beat of the trip.
  • Lunch score? Quality of chat - touchdown. Quantity of time - technical foul. 45 minute delay of game does not help. No dessert. Bad beat number two. I think he still owes me Ghirardelli ice cream. Or a Krispy Kreme.
  • Conference call.
  • Conference call (starting to see the theme?).
  • Conference call follow up.
  • DrChako comes home from golf, drunk.
  • Naps abound.
  • Shower.
  • Cab it to MGM with DrChako.
  • Ditch DrChako. Drinks and munchies with Betty at MGM. Good fondue, and tiny pulled pork sandwiches. Yummy drinks like Mai Tais and something with an excessively sugary rim that went down too smoothly. Twice. 2 1/2 hours of girl chat, punctuated by occasional planning for Steel Panther from friend not allowed in girly-chat.
  • Betty and I make rounds to poker room and chat.
  • Steel Panther fans gather.
  • Table 16 is still entertaining the crowds and each other. The Mark makes devil horns with his massive stacks of chips. Dealers must either love us or hate us.
  • Hard core grinders stay at MGM.
  • Hard core rockers go to Steel Panther.
  • Shane has hooked us up with two booths on the floor. Yayy Shane.
  • Excitement builds.
  • Drinks start.
  • Kissing starts.
  • Music starts.
  • Remember that I have not formally gotten permission from husband.
  • Get permission from husband - kissing resumes.
  • Kiss Falstaff. Kiss CK. Kiss Katkin. Kiss Otis. (starting to see the theme?)
  • Kiss Katkin again. Hug lots of people.
  • Find Dr. Jeff. Explain the kissing permission. He tests it. Reconfirms that I have been given permission. Kisses me again.
  • Music is fun.
  • CK crawls in between Otis and CJ.
  • I step over Peaker to sit between him and Otis.
  • Kiss Otis again. Kiss CK. Kiss CK again. CK and I kiss Otis. Rooster takes pictures. Rooster later deletes pictures.
  • Realize I'm actually talking to Otis's less-functional alter-ego, SPOtis (Steel Panther Otis). SPOtis is more adventurous and willing . . . but I think I my heart belongs to real Otis.
  • Peaker gets up and give his spot to Dr. Jeff. I kiss Dr. Jeff again. He shows me pictures of his new baby. Awwwww.
  • SPOtis does his best indecent proposal. Without the $1 million (*). Soon after, CJ makes sure he makes it back to the hotel.
  • Rockin' out ensues.
  • Rooster finds a way to have himself escorted from the facility.
  • More rockin' out ensues.
  • We dance. CK and I dance. Everyone dances.
  • I take pictures. OhCaptain takes better pictures.
  • I massage BadBloods beautifully shaved head.
  • I think I kiss some more people. Can't remember who. Not drunk, just tired and overstimulated. Realize I didn't kiss some people. Speaker. Peaker. OhCaptain. CJ. Drizz. More. So many people to kiss, so little time.
  • Rockin' out ceases.
  • Blogger pokering begins at our own personal table in the GVR poker room.
  • Drizz and DrChako spend all their time building giant mountains out of their multiple racks at a $2/4 hold 'em table.
  • Drizz's AA sucks the life out of my KK. No other good hands.
  • Have to tune out my husband's drunken incessant chatter, even though it entertains Peaker. Drizz is on the last hour of his "last longer" no-sleep bet. Even with the new audio equipment, he is unfazed.
  • Drizz wins his stay awake bet.
  • We disband and go back to our respective hotels. I've lost money.
  • F-Train and CK are perfect chauffeurs.
  • I get to ride in the back between DrChako and Peaker. With no functioning seatbelt. Exciting on multiple levels. I make them both promise to "stop-short" if there is an accident. Hoping for at least a quick brake check. No dice. F-Train is a talented driver. But can't find the MGM driveway on the first shot.
  • Fall into bed at 4 am with DrChako. Alcohol and sheer exhaustion trumps marital duties. Would consider it bad beat number three, but have a lifetime to recover from the variance.

Now if that isn't a full day, what is?

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

* Editor's note. I did decline. But I could do a lot with a million. Just sayin'.


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Note for future reference:

Drizz is a much better poker player while drunk.

Ask CK or just about anyone I play with online :)