Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seattle Bloggers Unite!

Well, and one Canadian.

Pirate Lawyer decided to leave the comfort of pacifism and socialism and recycling and liberal thinking and head down south of the border to Seattle. Where we embody the best of American ideals . . . like pacifism, socialism, recycling and liberal thinking. What can I say? We're a blue state.

Thanks to MHG for hosting. It was a perfect low-key evening marked by lots of fun poker, Wii, a couple push-up challenges (no wonder my arms are sore), and massages . . . you know you're having a good time when all of a sudden its past 2 and you're not even tired (unless you've had too many Makers and Diet Cokes . . . not to mention any names . . . ).

Memorable moments include . . .
  • Shrike being the Gigli in the first tourney like two hands into it when his 96 club flush when down in flames to MHGs K3 club flush (Shrike did have the gutshot draw to the straight flush, to his credit)
  • Zeem's laydown in that same hand, with the QJ of clubs after the betting and raising and all-in . . . you da man . . . best hand not played. Ever.
  • Me trying my one bluff of the evening, failing to convince Matt, and then sucking out on him anyway.
  • Cayne sucking out on me and knocking me out of the tourney.
  • Finding out I SUCK at Wii.
  • Learning how to play Wii baseball lefthanded 'cause I'm too lazy to play with a different Mii than MHG's lefty guy.
  • Realizing that I gotta save the cleavage factor for the real casinos. These guys actually came to play poker and does not appear to be a distraction to them at all. Either that, or I gotta step up the distraction factor.
  • Finding out I suck at Chinese Checkers head to head with MHG.
  • Finding out I suck at pushups.
  • Finding out my camera freezes when my husband tries to take cleavage shots of me doing push ups.
  • Finding out I can still give massages.
  • Remembering I like getting massages even better.
  • Remembering that I like getting massages from adorable 26 year old guys even better. Sue me.

The evening was full of great quotes as well, a significant portion attributable to Zeem. I'm sure they'll all come back to me soon. I just remember being in a conversation with the group about some topic of social importance, and someone made the comment about 14-year olds losing their virginity. I piped in "Hey, it took some of us another 4 years to get there . . . " to which Zeem replied . . . "Hey, some of us are still working on it!"

It's a close tie for favorite with "You know, I'm not used to giving massages with clothes on." Funny thing is, I'm not used to getting massages with clothes on either. We can negotiate, next time.

I'll post more later, but all in all, it was a great night. I think we forgot to hot tub, but I'll just have to save that for a next time. If we're invited.

I promise I'll trade massages.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


MHG said...

Good times. I attribute my cash game success to your massage and massage-receiving skills.

Yes, you've got skills.

Katitude said...

Hmmmss....sounds good enough to fly to the left coast for...AND a hot tub? Holy moley....

DrChako said...

It must have been the Makers Mark, but I'd swear I saw you being fondled by another man (men?) RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Sheesh, can't you fool around behind my back like normal women?

-The Husband

Shrike said...

I might have been distracted at times. But it was the guacomole, I swear!

I will try to set up something up later this spring worthy of a road trip for you blue-staters.

I can't believe I missed out on the massages ... talk about missing the boat ...

(also Shrike)
(otherwise known as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

OhCaptain said...

I think there are planes that fly out of here too. Man does that sound like a good time.

Shrike said...

Vancouver is a world-class city. No need to sell its virtues if excuse for trip provided by me?


Matt said...

Good times indeed. I passed on the guac since I'm not a fan of it in general, but if you bring some whenever I host, I'll definitely give it a shot. I'll whip up some homemade salsa as well.


BamBam said...

So very sad I missed your call!