Saturday, February 14, 2009


Nothing better in the world than a little OPM.

Not opium. OPM - Other People's Money.

After dragging my butt out of bed too early (too much to drink, too much staying up late, too much . . . well, we'll leave it at too much . . . ) and trying to quell the shakiness with water and some Excedrin, I went out to make myself whole.

Got the nails and toenails done, like a self-respecting wife should do. Can't wear your Choos with chipping paint. Yikes!

I had planned to work in the afternoon, but was completely unmotivated. So on the way back to the Venetian, I stopped in the TI poker room. Played a little 2-4 limit.

I hadn't been there too long when I was dealt QQ in early position. Now, not having much experience with the table, I would normally be a little timid and would rather slow play this one. But I raised, like I should, and got about 6 callers, including the blinds.

The flop came out Q-6-4 rainbow. (Cue choir of angels) Now I want to make money, but the board is so random . . . I feel like I need to make continuation type of bets here. So one of the blinds bets, and when it gets to me, I raise. I got 5 of the people to stay with me.

On the turn, the dealer flips over the case Q. (Cue bigger choir of angels. QUADS!!!!!) This time, the guy under the gun leads out the betting. Betting into my QUADS! Did I mention I had quads here?

So now I don't want to scare the fishies. I just call him, and the guy down a the end to my left RAISES!. Girl to his left calls, and the guy to my right calls. Now I re-raise and get called by all.

River is a 5, and puts a third heart on the board. Guy to my right checks, and I bet. Guy at the end raises, and the girl to his left calls. Guy to my right wises up and folds and I re-raise. Guy at the end says "she got the boat - I call" and still the girl to his left calls.

Dealer says "show me a winner, miss" as the guy at the end says "Show me your boat" . . . as he flips over the nut flush. He'd gone runner-runner to hit his heart flush. I said "I"ll do you one better," and flipped over my quads. Groans, all around.

Not only did I rake a monster pot, quads at TI, when you hold a pocket pair, pays an extra $100!

OPM. Score.

Well, net, net, I think OPM is just making up for last nights deficit that ended up . . . who knows where.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BWoP said...


Dems Quad Bitches, Bitches!

(It's the best DQB possible.)

OhCaptain said...

Very nice! There is really nothing like quads in limit when the table can't stop raising and calling. Too bad it doesn't happen more often.

Instant Tragedy said...


Quads are soooo pretty, especially when people boat up!



Drizztdj said...


The extra hundred makes it all the better. Congrats!!

StB said...

Neither you or the Doc have any comments about Steel Panther. Makes me think you didn't go to the show.

They have new songs up!

BamBam said...


All the "too much" sounds GREAT !

The poker hand thing was alright too, I guess.


Shrike said...

CK is right! Too ... much ... free massage?