Thursday, February 12, 2009

People Continue to Amaze Me

Now she's actually asking for donations online.

If you want to have eight babies, who am I to say no?

But if you want to have eight babies, and you have to PAY to have those eight babies (in vitro was not free, the last time I checked), then I, or any other tax payer, should not have to pay to support them.

Instead, in addition to receiving food stamps, etc., California will be picking up the hospital tab. And now she's asking for donations from the world, at large.

You know, part of deciding to have a kid (read, ONE kid) was a discussion about finances. How was the birth going to be paid for (thank you, military . . . I believe the deployment was payback for our medical care . . . we're even), how we would afford food, diapers, baby clothes, baby accessories, diapers, . . . diapers . . .

I am not taking a moral stance on anything but this - if you are going to choose to have babies, PARTICULARLY when you actually have to employ science to do so rather than the old fashioned way of "I hate the way condoms feel . . . what are the odds", don't expect me to pony up.

And we wonder why the state of California might be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Lunacy, people. Someone needs to give this girl a little reality Koolaid.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


Katitude said...

I can only respond to this in acronyms:


Good grief.

pokerpeaker said...

Agreed. Agreed. AGREED.

Oops. Getting angry. Must stop.

Bayne_S said...

I get to pay 1% more in sales tax and 12 cents more a gallon for gas so a batshit crazy incubator can try to get her own reality show.

My favorite part of Ann Curry interview was when she said she would go back to school in fall so she could support them!

PrinceofHouston said...

And worse, our new President says California is the model for how the country should work. He thinks they are on the fore front of social change.