Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birthday Wishes

She may be older than me, but she's all kinds of hawtness anyway. Stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday!

In a tribute, I give you ten things my favorite Betty has taught me in the last year of our friendship:
  1. Write, and let the world hear your inner voice. Or all seven of them.
  2. Men are a constant source of drama.
  3. Drama is not always good.
  4. Some women are CRAZY. Some are not. Most are somewhere in between.
  5. Sometimes cute boys drive big trucks.
  6. Sometimes brown things without horns are not another female elk.
  7. Jeans, tank tops, and a hoodie. All you need.
  8. You can never go wrong with another pair of cute shoes, especially if they are on sale.
  9. Your camera can paint a picture, tell a story, or just help you see the world differently.
  10. Never forget your fake name.

Happy Birthday, Hot Stuff!!!

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

(a.k.a. Jayne C.)

1 comment:

Betty Underground said...

Best present!!! And you taught me chandelier earrings are totally acceptable in Yellowstone National Park.

word verification: Poorkly.... did your blog just call me FAT? Clearly it hasn't SEEN me recently.