Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Small things . . .

I'm working from home today, as a few inches of snow have blanketed the greater Seattle area. I know those of you in the North are snickering, but the one snow plow we have hasn't gotten here yet, and the layer of ice underneath the snow isn't going anywhere soon until the temperature changes . . . so its better to stay put if you don't have to go.

While I was working, I had the great idea of downloading all my pictures from Vegas. That would get me one step closer to blogging about it. And sharing those great Steel Panther shots.

I went to get my camera from its charging spot, when I realized DrChako had done me a quiet little favor. See, we don't have a lot of outlets in our bedroom. The lamps and the clocks take up the bulk of them, and we plug the laptops in the others. So I have one lone outlet where I have to charge all other miscellaneous accessories. Its always a game of musical chairs.

Today, there is a lovely black surge protected outlet strip with the outlets facing sideways (to accommodate the massive chargers, which overlap the outlets if they are placed the other way).

Sometimes people show they care with flowers, chocolates, . . . Jimmy Choos . . . today, its a black outlet strip.

Thanks, Doc.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife