Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I've had a few bah-humbug posts . . . between the travel, and the job, and the delays, and the snow . . .

But today, I'm not working. The driveway I shoveled is still clear. I wasn't able to finish my Hanukkah shopping, but our kids have everything they need. Best part is we're all together.

And in the oven right now, is a 17 pound stuffed turkey, making the house smell wonderful.

Life is pretty good . . .

So whether you're lighting another candle on the menorah tonight, or cleaning up scraps of wrapping paper from under the Christmas tree . . . or sifting through memories of your Winter Solstice party . . .

All my best wishes to you!

Happy Holidays!

Respectfully (and joyfully) submitted,

The Wife

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