Monday, December 29, 2008

"She's Got a Great Personality . . . "

I know the guys in the room reading this are cringing, thinking of some past blind date where a buddy tried to set him up with some bulldog of a girl, claiming her personality would overcome the three chin rolls, hair growing out of the mole on the end of her nose, and the lazy eye.

But I think people don't realize how much personality makes up the whole package. Personality can't necessarily fix butt ugly, but it can make an otherwise ordinary person sparkle like a jewel. Such was the topic of conversations between myself and one of my BFFs.

I have always been attracted to strong, vibrant personalities. Not so much looks. Maybe its because I knew I'd never be a supermodel and I'd have to get by on . . . well, on "me". So I tend to seek out other people with really strong, interesting "me's", regardless of the packaging.

When they come in perky, cute packages, its just a bonus.

The take away? Let your beautiful "me" shine through in 2009.

* * * * *

On a side note, in the course of conversation with my BFF, we were commenting (like the catty women we are) on women we knew who didn't have looks or a sparkling "me" and why men would date them.

My BFF sparkles. I commented that I would totally date her if I swung that way.

I don't. I'm just saying. She sparkles.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife.

PS: If I've called you adorable in the past two weeks (see Vegas recap where I CLEARLY overused that word), that pretty much means you sparkle. And yes, Peaker, that means you. You too Drizz. Especially when you're holding me in your arms and I'm wearing fuzzy Viking pajama pants. They were very fuzzy, btw . . .


Betty Underground said...


THEY WERE FUZZY PJs? I could not gleam that from the pictures.

Did Drizz pet them? I once petted Drizz's pants. He liked it.

BamBam said...

What an exceptional way to look at things!

For the record, your inner "ME" is just as beautiful as the outer you!

Now that's a bonus!