Tuesday, December 16, 2008

* sigh *

Apparently, when you go away to Las Vegas, your work doesn't.

Oh, and your heater decides to go on the fritz on the coldest night in Seattle in like 3 years. Ask me how it feels to write out a $4,000 check for a new one. Even if we had won anything, we'd still be in the hole right now for the weekend with this one.

More pictures to come. More thoughts to come. Congratulations to the Poker Princess Maigrey. And thanks for dinner.

Love to new friends . . . love to my old friends . . . try to catch up soon!

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BadBlood said...

Sorry to hear of the heating failure. But, I for one am eagerly anticipating the SP pics. :)

Shrike said...

Heater broke? Ack. It's below freezing up here in Vancouver and I can only just imagine what that must feel like without a functional heater.

It was nice to meet you in Vegas. Your poses in Viking gear on Sunday were priceless!