Friday, May 2, 2008

Letters to Men . . .

Some are people I should say things to, but don't . . . wish I could say things to, but its too late . . .

Some are people I wish I could have said things to and took the high road. So I'm really just getting it off my chest . . .
  • T - You were a good egg. Probably still are. If I ever took advantage of that, because you were convenient, I'm sorry. Hope you found the one who makes you happy. I would have been totally wrong for you anyway.
  • D - I still wear my name tags on my right side. Shake firm. Speak loud and clear. You were never cool. Neither was I. But you taught me to be a professional. Who knew everything you taught me just took a few years to pay off. Thanks.
  • J - The pie chart was sweet. Wonder how quickly my piece of the pie diminished after you dumped me. No worries. You taught me there were a lot of ways to skin a cat, without actually skinning the cat. And that I prefer to be the "dumper" - I'm sure all those other men appreciate you for that.
  • M - Did you ever feel bad? It all worked out in the end. It always does. But I often wonder if you realized that walking away is not something grown ups do. Do you know you exist only as a concept to me? Still, sometimes I wonder if I look like you. Talk like you. Think like you. But not enough to go to the trouble of finding you.
  • B - You are a putz. I figured that out pretty quickly. Watching McGyver in your underwear was merely confirmation. And yes, "See other people" meant "see other people" -it wasn't just code for YOU get to see other people. Oh, and you know how they say size doesn't matter? Well, at some point, it does.
  • M - It was the eyes. Haunting. Electric. Easy enough to picture, even today. Matched only in intensity by your inner self. Beautiful. But wrong for me in 100 ways. Still, the eyes.
  • T - You were a constant. Always a letter, a card. Never expecting anything from me. You kissed me once, I remember. But not with passion. Maybe you were gay. Or maybe you loved me and I missed it. Either way, I think I let a friend slip past. I looked you up on line one time. But then I wasn't sure what I'd say if I found you. Hope life is treating you well.
  • J - I hope you stopped being angry. At me. At him. At everyone. Found an outlet for your expression. Threw away the ripped jeans with the angry messages and the cigarettes. Moved on. I did. One of the best choices I've ever made. Sorry you didn't agree with me.
  • M - I guess that's one approach; if you can't convince her otherwise, just pin her down and take what you want. True measure of a man in your mind. 120 pounds of naivete was nothing for you. Just remember that Karma is a bitch, baby. Oh, and your presentation skills sucked. Probably still do.
  • N - Thanks for being part of my life. Giving me my best friend. Glad I passed the interview. Miss you.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


DrChako said...


I love you.

-The Husband

BamBam said...

I think you forgot one!!!!

I assume it would read like this, (had you actually remembered me at all)

BB- you had me at "you're beautiful."

Just sayin'


Great reads lately M. Please keep it up. It just makes me smile like nothing else.

Instant Tragedy said...

No comment.

Just a very powerful expression.