Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WPBT Part 6: Fond Memories and Moments

Posting WPBT trip reports in chronological order for me just wasn't going to happen. Maybe because I'm getting old and forgetful. Maybe because the trip never feels linear to me. It feels more like one big event for me, marked by small and large pockets of interesting people, events, and experiences. Like some monster scattergraph with a time dimension and an intensity dimension, where all the experiences are varying size bubbles plotted out in no specific pattern.

So I figure after the old, the new, the poker and the hot (oh, and the x's and o's), it was time for a recap of some of my favorite bubbles (small and large):
  • Barely making the plane on time, and not freaking out. Dr Chako and I got out of the house later than we planned, ran into a little traffic, then the lady in the security line sent me back to check my bag (with only 2 minutes to spare). Funny thing is the plane we took down was so small, everyone had to gate check anyway . . . but we made it, and the rest is history.
  • Betty standing in MacCarran at the luggage carousel saying to Dr Chako "Can you pull my jeans down over my calves?" Skinny jeans have a way of working up on women gifted with shapely calves (myself, primarily). Dr Chako took the task too seriously and probably raised some eyebrows when he proclaimed "I'll pull down your pants any time!"
  • Betty and I flanking Dr Chako on our way into the MGM, and then to the IP. He could not have been surrounded by finer accessories in finer heels. I think he got some of those "what has that dude got" looks from passersby. He's got a fine wife with fine friends, is what he's got.
  • OK, not gonna lie. Flopping quads and getting paid for them was awesome. Especially with my husband's money in the pot.
  • Standing between F-Train and Falstaff (who was on his 6th PITCHER of beer) while F-Train asked him questions, Falstaff answered other totally unrelated questions, and I served as a translator. Example? F-Train: "Have you seen Pauly lately?" Falstaff: "I think that's a hooker and this is my sixth pitcher of beer." Me (to F-Train): "He was just talking to Pauly who's at the slots by the Geisha Bar." If we ever make a blogger sitcom, we need to use this set up.
  • Breakfast with Drizz, Kat, and Dr Chako at the MGM Buffet. Not the best buffet, but absolutely the best company.
  • Best comment by Otis, on walking past our NL table in the MGM Friday afternoon, and seeing myself, Pablo, Shelly, and CA April all seated in a row: "Four prettiest ladies in the casino, right there." In his defense, Pablo does have the best hair.
  • Moon rocks from Gracie - so sweet, and way to help us continue to try to further our geek-genes in our offspring!
  • Dinner conversation with Betty on Friday night. If I told you, I'd have to kill you . . . but suffice it to say it involved lots of our favorite topics (which may or may not have included shoes and mens).
  • My MGM table Friday night. May have to be its own post - it was just entertaining on many fronts.
  • Successfully pulling off one bluff per day (my limit) each day I played. Whew - might have to jack that up to two per day next time!
  • Watching CA April reach the point of alcohol consumption where she becomes this EXTREMELY huggy girl . . . her inner extrovert comes out!
  • Seeing that Waffle's focus on his health is paying off - I can see the difference! Keep it up!
  • Seeing everyone gathered for the tourney - amazing how many of us an event like this can manage to gather in one place . We even managed to get nearly the entire group together for a picture (a feat of organization that may never be accomplished again).
  • Mixed games with just myself, Katkin, Dr Chako and Grange. More fun when the guy with the bad dye job decided to join our table and got a little rattled by the action.
  • Grange's comment on a passerby in the IP - "Gay, Euro, or D-Bag?"
  • Drizz's wife, snowed in up in Minnesota, who was drinking and sending him pornography during the WPBT tourney. He shared one of her treats, and I got a laugh out of BrainMC when I was trying to figure out the pose and told Drizz it looked like the Heisman of pornography.
  • Dinner with CK, Grange, and Dr Chako - thanks for the comp and the fabulous conversation. Not to mention the fact that my dinner companions were pretty easy on the eyes. Yummmm!
  • Saturday night poker at the IP with bloggers and DC - some random local who was a clear case of adult ADHD and some combination of caffeine, nicotine, "supplements" and various other potential pharmaceutical enhancements. He couldn't stop talking and I think poor Mary had to take the brunt of it; I learned how to engage him and make him friendly - got to know his poker play pretty well - wish I would have had more opportunity to take advantage of it.
  • Demonstrating my version of a "live straddle" for Grange in the IP poker room which involved a fully-clothed cowgirl position on his lap while I got my cowgirl groove on to "Achy-Breaky Heart". Not gonna lie and pretend it wasn't a little hot, particularly with this hunk of Nebraska-born beef. Ah, alas, I'm married, and he's in a different league (lawyers, that is). If he ever changes his mind . . .
  • Drizz meeting his full end of the bet and wearing Packer attire to LaGasse's stadium on Sunday, complete with Packer ankle socks!
  • Snuggling with CK watching the Pats game.
  • Talking with the other CK - Special K about our jobs and career choices, and such. Makes me wish I lived closer to him and his Dr.
  • Pretending to be Rosen's "theoretical mistress" while helping him find jewelry for his wife. After getting the saleswoman (a middle-aged, proper Asian woman) to buy the mistress joke, we got her to cough up one of her own stories about her husband tape recording her conversations with a male friend in the car because he was suspicious and jealous! "Tennis partners" - likely story, lady! Is that what they called it in those days? "Hey honey, Bob and I are going to play some tennis!"
  • Having Grange be there to see the Doc and I off!
  • Having a great time with all of my friends, but most importantly, my best friend - Dr Chako.

I'm sure I'm missing other small notable moments . . . can't wait to do it all again. Only thing missing this time was some Steel Panther and "skillets" . . . but you can't always have everything, can you?

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


BamBam said...


That is all.

DrChako said...

I <3 you.

-Teh Husband

Drizztdj said...

Final table and trying to tell my wife that we're playing for $3K yet she was more interested in discussing the obviously flexible women she was sending.

Shelly said...

Has that group photo surfaced anywhere? I have yet to see it.

The Wife said...

Shelly, I think we need to bug either Astin or OhCaptain and see if they got it.

BrainMc said...

"The Heisman of pornography" was my favorite quote of the trip. Followed by "Pinot Noir is French for no penis" which was directed at BadBlood.