Saturday, December 18, 2010

WPBT Part 3: In Which Mrs Chako Contemplates New Connections

So the great thing about the WPBT is that no two are ever exactly alike, you can never imagine in advance how they turn out, and they are filled with good surprises every year. My favorite part of the new surprises is the people . . . either meeting new people I've never met, or connecting with old acquaintances in a different way. So this post is a tribute to all of the "new" connections from this year's trip for me.

Let's start with my favorite. Every year, it seems like there is one little sparkling moment where I realize I've fallen into deep like with a special new blogger friend. This year it was Grange. The Dr. and I were hanging around with Katkin (one of my favorite new peoples from WPBT's ago) and Grange . . . I'd never met the guy, but he was well-known in the internet circles. He was pleasant and appropriately sarcastic, and a bit of a hunk, too. He's a midwest lawyer, but grew up a Nebraska farm boy, so he's got that tall, broad-shouldered frame that you can picture stacking hay in a mow, or throwing you down in the hay . . . (farm-boy fantasy break) . . . you get the picture. When CK's sweetheart bailed on her, we had an extra spot, and I suggested we invite Grange. My instincts were spot on - he is a great conversationalist, sarcastic and funny, and we had some really good serious conversations. Many good moments of the weekend involved him, either directly or peripherally. I'll save the "live straddle" moment for a favorite moments post, but a close second was the sweet goodbye kiss I got right before we hopped in a cab for the airport. I think my lips are still tingling a little.

Other favorite "new" people:
  • Had a chance to chat with Lightning. After teasing the Dr. and I about Ferrari's and au pairs, we spent some time talking fiscal responsibility. He and I share a lot of the same philosophies about money - I swear if we were married, we'd be like two squirrels hoarding nuts.
  • Met BrainMC. Played poker with him a few times, chatted a few times more. He teased me about playing tight . . . when they asked for my players card at the MGM, he laughed and said "Don't you mean your folder's card?" He's an easy going sort, and I kept having the urge to run my hand up the back of his nicely clipped head . . . love the way short hair feels. Seems like the kind of guy who would be great to hang out with.
  • Met Dave Rosen (Sox Lover?). He was at my starting table in the tournament, and while I'm gonna call bullshit on him for the donkey 2-7 all in play (not against me) that won when his 2 of diamonds completed the 4-card flush on the board, but I had a great time with him Sunday at LaGasse's. He was so excited that a couple bets he'd placed had hit; I had a fantastic time helping him shop for jewelry for his wife. We were looking for something that said "Thanks for letting me go have fun in Vegas", but nothing that reached the "Please don't divorce me for what I did in Vegas" level. With my bargain shopping, I got him a beautiful set of earrings and a pendant that looked like it said "Thanks for letting me go have fun in Vegas" but only cost "Thanks for letting me go to the derivatives convention in Cleveland" dollars.
  • Met 23Skiddoo on Thursday night (a night he may not wish to remember, much like the several buyins he left at the table). He was sweet to me, and we agreed that most bloggers marry up - can't wait to meet his wife. :) Although the tables were not so good to him, he was still full of hugs.
  • Two "new" ladies faces to me (one new to the group, one an experienced WPBT'er) this time were Josie and Shelly. Josie is a sweet and bubbly sort and was a joy. Shelly was really down to earth and was fun to have at my $.50/$1 NL table, and our conversation on fashion and knuckle hair (two unrelated conversations, I should say) helped fill out the tapestry of the weekend.
  • Met others briefly . . . Poker Grump and Numbono and . . . well, I'd need to go through the blog rolls of everyone to make sure I caught them all.

For those of you who have never done a WPBT, or do them infrequently, the next time you get the time and the money, make it a priority. Not only will you get to have some quality time (and irresponsibility) with some of your favorite old friends, but you meet a couple new ones every time!

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife


lightning36 said...

We could be rich beyond our wildest dreams! Of course, our house would be littered with coupon clippings, newspaper ads, etc.

It was great to actually catch you and talk for a few minutes. Nothing like midwest people to make you feel right at home.

The Wife said...

OMG . . . we'd be filthy rich. And we'd never end up buying things with our coupons and riches because I'd still be doing spreadsheet analyses of how we could save an extra $50 on our European vacation or something. :)

Great hanging with some good midwestern peeps.

Grange95 said...

You are the funniest, wackiest, most hilarious WPBT'er of all time! I'm getting shivers remembering your lips on mine ....

[rest of comment edited by TSA ...]

23skidoo said...

You are a warm and joyful person. I reget not making it a point to hang with you and the Doc more than I did. Leaves more for next time I hope.

Shelly said...

LMAO I forgot about the knuckle hair convo!! That's why I love trip reports :) Great to meet you!! Cya next year!