Sunday, December 19, 2010

WPBT Part 4: X's and O's

For better or worse, I am an affectionate person. I have a small personal space, and don't mind inviting people into it.

It takes very little to establish that level of intimacy with me - be engaging, be open, be friendly, be honest, be willing to share a little of your space with me. I'm pretty easy to figure out, and except in the rare cases when I've consciously decided to be my alter ego Jayne Chako, what you see is what you get.

One of my best memories of the first WPBT that I participated in (while Dr Chako was in the sandbox) was how little it took to establish that level of intimacy with people - like Instant Tragedy and Bam Bam - before I even got to Las Vegas. Hugs and kisses just seemed natural. Still, each one was treasured.

Everyone has a different level of comfort with personal space, much less hugging and kissing. Some of it has to be rooted in our upbringing. Some in our culture. Some might be buried in our DNA. I'll chalk mine up to at least two. I can't take credit for culture (I'm some combination of German/British/Scandinavian heritage that might not be top of mind in the world of outwardly affectionate peoples), though based on my preferences, I'm certain I'd make a great Latin American or Italian woman. But I grew up in a huge extended family, with little space and little money, but lots of affection. I kissed and hugged my parents goodnight every night. Still kiss and hug them every time I see them. I kiss and hug all my relatives - I even have those mouth-kissing older aunts. We're just full of affection.

I also think it's just who I am. I love kissing and hugging babies and little kids, and smother my two boys with affection, both of whom are very affectionate themselves. Loved my husband and his family who are big huggers and kissers. Tend to touch people when I talk to them. And I always have a hug (and/or a kiss) for any friend who needs one.

This WPBT didn't disappoint in that respect - I love that I have a whole gaggle of friends who take full advantage of the ability to engage in a little (semi-appropriate) PDA. Makes the weekend complete.

Some notable PDA at the WPBT this year included:
  • My fair share of smooches with one of my gal pals, CK. She's one of the most bendable, huggable, kissable people ever - partly 'cause she's beautiful, and partly because she's just a cool chick. If I ever decide to permanently* bat for the other side, I'm gonna pray to the "other side" gods that she be among a few to convert as well. She greeted me with smooches and hugs, we managed to bring the MGM poker room to a halt a couple times on Friday night (although we had to turn down requests from my NL table for on-demand performances), and she still had smooches, hugs, and a lot of snuggle left to share at Lagasse's on Sunday. HIGHLY smoochable. Did I mention highly?
  • Kisses and hugs with Kat. This woman embodies grown-up sex appeal and exudes love. I always feel refreshed and renewed when I have a chance to hug her, and don't mind that she's always willing to lay a smooch on me (when she's not smooching my hubby).
  • Otis. Something about knowing those words on his blog come out of that brain is an amazing amount of sexy. When I get a hug and a kiss, I feel like he's gifting me with some of that magic. Plus he looked pretty hot in that vintage cream tuxedo jacket. The best was when I was walking through the IP with Drizz and my hubby - Otis was walking towards us from the other direction. I was holding hands with the Dr., and as Otis passed, he leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth before cruising by . . . the look on the dazed and confused passers-by was priceless. It's Vegas people!
  • Special K. I have to kiss him chastely (mostly), 'cause I know and respect his wife, and she can probably kick my ass, or at least run me down. But he's always good for an extra hug or two, as well.
  • Falstaff is like a giant, funny, sarcastic, sexy teddy bear, and I can't wait until I get my hugs and kisses from him. If he's not kissing my husband or sticking his tongue in someone's ear. He also told me I had the softest lips. He totally can retest that theory ANYTIME.
  • Katkin. One of the nicest guys ever, and like a good Jew, he's always got hugs and kisses for a sister. His beard kinda tickles, too, in a good way.
  • Dr Jeff. Of course, it took forever before I laid eyes on this guy, as the husband and others were monopolizing his time and he didn't make it to the MGM poker room until late. However, he had delicious hugs and kisses for me, and held me tight while we watched Dr Chako get a massage at the poker table. He stopped only long enough to show me the latest picture of his little one, like a good dad.
  • OhCaptain laid a little of his midwestern love on me, but nothing his wife wouldn't approve of (if she's reading).
  • I lost my kiss virginity to Grange . . . full of hugs, and treated me to the sweetest kiss right before I left Vegas. I know I already talked about it, but totally worth talking about twice.
  • Drizz always has a hug for me, even when he's wearing Packer attire (complete with Packer socks).
  • Maigrey, the Poker Princess, laid some love on me too - complete with her braces-free smile. I guess that's what you get when you share a little crack** together.
  • F-Train showed up at the IP Thursday night and was there to give me the requisite hugs and kisses, after he ogled my shoes.
  • I got hugs from everyone's favorite bloggers . . . Pauly and Iggy, Al, Gracie and Pablo, Bad Blood, Mary, Dawn Summers, Joe Speaker, Waffles . . . I'm sure I left some out.

Throw in a sufficient amount of marital "affection" (that's what we're going to call the package deal, and spare you further detail) and I'm gonna call it good. My X's and O'x meter redlined for the weekend, and I came home a happy girl.

If you know me, you'll know that I always have more for you. If you don't feel like you got enough, I'll get you on the next round. And if you ever feel like you need someone to wrap your arms around, or lay lips on, look me up.


The Wife

* Discuss amongst yourself if my use of the word "permanently" (I chose to not self-edit) was a Freudian slip or not.

** Not that kind. Ew. Not that kind either. It's an alcoholic coffee drink, people.

*** Thinking of charging admission in the MGM next time.


DrChako said...

Lip slut.

Bayne_S said...

Not going to lie, "lip slut" made me laugh.

Otis said...

(This space intentionally left blank)

BWoP said...

I think we need to do another girls' weekend in Vegas :-)

BamBam said... MORE!

SirFWALGMan said...

Cmon Scandi are hot affectionate people and according to my watching of National Lampoons European Vacation Germans have to be sluts too.. So you got some good DNA to work with!!

Awesome to see you this year.

Drizztdj said...

I'll admit to looking more than a few times when you had those heels on.


Are you going to drop by for a bonfire to get rid of that Rodgers jersey? :)