Friday, December 31, 2010

Number One

I got a Facebook message today that made me laugh out loud - a true story that is hysterical and cringe-worthy in many respects. Sitcom material, even. It would be funny in many contexts (well, at least from an outsider's perspective), but its even funnier with the back story.

The Backstory

I had been working on a specific client when "Mel" showed up to the team for his first day of work. "Mel" was a brand new staff, and though quiet, was a polite, hardworking, and handsome fellow, reminiscent of Mel Gibson (pre-crazy, handsome Mel Gibson).

I went home that night to regale Dr Chako of my work day, and happened to mention my new staff looked a little like Mel Gibson. At that time (years ago, again, pre-crazy), Mel Gibson was on my "list" (if you have to ask, you'll never understand). Dr Chako bristled a bit and grumbled about not being happy that I was working with someone who was going to make me think of the list every day. I laughed, and said reassuringly "Don't worry honey - he's a kid. I have no interest in 20-something year old kids."

The next day over lunch, our team was talking. Turns out "Mel" had a whole life before he became a public accountant, and had been a skier and professional ski instructor for the Candian women's Olympic ski team. I relayed this interesting tidbit to Dr Chako and said "Yeah, turns out that even though he's multiple levels BELOW me, he's actually my age!" Dr Chako was not amused. "You just told me the reason you could never be interested in him was because he was too young; now you're telling me he's your AGE?!"

It became a running joke, fueled by a discussion late one night at work about age-appropriate dating. I told the team I was at a point where should I ever start dating, that dating anyone below age 28 just felt creepy. One of our team members was an exchange auditor from the Netherlands who was 31 and a good sport, so I said "like Sander - he's totally in my sweet spot as far as ages go - I could totally choose Sander." The team laughed, but Mel piped up. "What about me? I'm totally in your sweet spot." I turned and looked at him and said "Oh, well you're my number one choice. That was a given." It became his new adopted nickname - Number 1. And up until the day he left public accounting (to go back to working for the Winter Olympic committee in Canada), I continued to tease him about being my Number 1.

Fast Forward

He's now living in Canada and got married last year. I keep in touch now and then through email or Facebook, but other than that, our contact is infrequent. Today, however, I got this message - he'd apparently taken his wife back to Hawaii for their anniversary . . .

So, I thought it would be a good idea to have the hotel (same one that we got married at) recreate the top tier of our wedding cake for our first anniversary.

So, I gave them a picture of the cake, told them what I wanted.....

I invite Kim's parents for the dinner as well....

They bring out the cake and it says "Happy Anniversary Mel and Mrs Chako"

Kind of ruined the moment...

I told him he could blame the hotel, but maybe the universe still remembers he was my Number 1. I'm guessing his wife Kim probably didn't find it as funny as I did.
Respectfully submitted,
The Wife

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