Friday, December 17, 2010

WPBT Part 2: In Which Mrs Chako Contemplates Looking Hot

Still not the kissing blog. Though peripherally will relate to the kissing blog.

Vegas is one of those great places. You can choose to dress up and go all out. You can choose to wear the clothes you wore last night. You can choose to wear the same clothes all weekend long. You can mismatch your clothing and go completely unnoticed in the land of "everything goes, as long as you're ok being laughed at occasionally, but it's ok 'cause you'll never see them again."

Let's discuss some of our notably "looking hot" moments.
  • I give myself first dibs because, after all, it is MY blog and I can write about whatever I damn well please. But my first dibs to go me for my Thursday night IP footwear. I bought this rockin' awesome pair of red patent leather Guess stilettos with a ton of straps, a cork platform, and 5+ inches of stiletto. Now because of the relatively frighteningly hotness of the shoe (I mean, come on, they were like "F-me hot"), I did pair them with a more low key pair of dark skinny jeans, t-shirt and jacket, so as to balance the hot factor. Matching red pedicure and the look was complete. I felt bitchin' hot. Yep - bitchin' hot.
  • I wanted to give myself second dibs, but I'm gonna give that to the lovely CK. Friday night was dress up night, and I was totally in the running, but then she showed up dressed up too. She had this awesomely elegant, yet sexy black dress. Sleeveless, fitted (without being too tight), longer skirt with this awesome slit up the front side. Laid gracefully across her lean body, leaving her looking positively classy, yet edible at the same time. Completely added to her kissability (which I took full advantage of), and has given me dress envy - must have dress. Complete the look with hair and makeup and she was a show stopper. Even without the kissing stuff.
  • Ok, now I give myself another set of props. Friday night, I let out my inner Jayne and dressed up to join my partner in many crimes, Betty Underground. She lives right down the road from me, but we've established a long-standing (twice) tradition of eating shi-shi food together in Vegas and sharing girl talk. She said "I'm dressing up" so I was obligated to pull out the stops. Indigo slinky halter dress, smoke-colored chunky glass earrings and necklace, black snake skin Jimmy Choos, and a red faux pashmina, just for a spot of color. Given the reaction of my NL table in the MGM later, I was certain it was in the running for a "looking hot" nomination.
  • Speaking of my partner in many crimes, Betty was looking fine and fabulous as well. She rocked out some crazy stilettos on Thursday night at the IP too, nudged out only by the sheer red hotness of mine (talk to your friend Scott, who was a fair and impartial judge). But Friday night, it was a tasteful black short dress that showed just a hint of her ink, black leggings, and fabulous black heels. Classy, sexy, and definitely hot.
  • Kat showed up Thursday night at the IP looking biker chick hot. New Joan Jett cut, black dress showing off some curves and her ink, and some kick ass boots that gave the whole look an edgy sort of sexy. My husband will let you leave those boots on his side of the bed anytime.
  • Gotta give a nod to Very Josie. Having met this bubbly bit of lusciousness for the first time, she didn't disappoint. First of all, she's cuter than her picture on her blog - the kind of cheeks you want to take a bite out of. She was decked out in the MGM poker room in this bedazzled black shirt with this cute little asymmetrical neck that demonstrated her curves. Her personality is even more bedazzling.
  • Astin gets the hot man nod . . . he showed up from dinner with Carol decked out in this natty suit and looking fine. Well played, sir.
  • Drizz and Otis get nods for jacket hot. Drizz sported a classic blazer, making him look like the most respectable of our crew in the IP (which technically might not be that difficult). Otis sported a classic cream colored blazer with chocolate brown trim that fit his lean frame like a glove. Yum!

Lest you feel slighted, remember this is only about "looking" hot . . . if I were making a post about BEING hot . . . well, it could be a significantly longer post . . .

Posts yet to come . . . new people I met and loved, old people I kissed and hugged, football . . . oh, and poker.

Respectfully submitted,

The Wife

Hot red shoes . . . note the blogger signatures on the guitar in the background


KenP said...

What is it with women? You wore a blue dress? Men readers are RGB. Why can women can name every color on high resolution 32-bit monitor? (65536)

Josie said...

Wow, amazing shoes. Thanks for the mention! You may bite my cheeks anytime.

Katitude said...

bitchin' slinky HAWT > biker chick hot.

You look luscious no matter what you wear!

BWoP said...

TY TY TY babe.

The guys at your table at MGM on Friday really didn't know what to do with themselves, did they?

Smoooooches :-)