Monday, January 25, 2010

Take a Number, Please

I took "4".

It's not totally against all rational thought. I've always had a hierarchy. Packers first. If not the Packers, then the NFC North. Unless the NFC North win negates the Packer's playoff chances. If not the NFC North, then anyone playing against the Cowboys within the NFC. If its NFC vs. AFC, always go NFC.

So today, in keeping with the spirit, I backed the Vikings. The fact that one of the greatest quarterbacks of ALL TIME is now their quarterback (and was MY quarterback for YEARS) was really secondary, but didn't hurt the passion level.

I was cautious. I didn't want to be a cooler. But after a text from my favorite Vikings fan, I had to step up the support. I pulled out the stops. Or the tops (and bottoms), as it may be:

I even enlisted the family, who went a little old school, but supported the Vikes and Number 4 all the way to the end.

We had to catch the end of the game on AM radio, as we drove DrC to the airport, supplemented by Drizz's text commentary along the way. I can't remember ever being so tense. Or so disappointed by an interception. Or feeling so helpless in Sudden Death, just because of the outcome of a coin flip - he didn't even get another turn.
Apparently, there wasn't enough magic in the purple panties. This time.

Good effort, Old Man. You got them damn close.

Out of tradition, I'll watch the Superbowl. But my heart isn't in it anymore.

Guess my heart is still a little with Number 4.

Respectfully submitted,
The Wife


KenP said...

Pathetic and not the outcome.
I've always maintained a modicum for Packer fans. It is a stunted area. They don't know any better.

But now you are associating yourself with guys in yarn wigs with horns. You realize what guys wearing horns represent don't you?


P.S. Silk Tap pants with Belgium lace are far more effective. [drool]

Sean D said...

You do know that Wawfuls will be drooling for years don't you.


Silly Packer fans!

Bayne_S said...

Doc would be the expert but I think the magic happens when the purple panties slide off.